Thursday, April 18, 2019

Momma home, the view from up here & another magical land to love {Thankful Thursday #217}

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My Aunt
So glad my aunt, my momma's sister, was able to go up to the hospital with my mom on Monday while I had to go to work & my brother was just getting off work from 3rd shift.  She was able to be there to hear the latest news & info from the doctor & she was on top of sending texts keeping us updated.  I dont know what we would have done without her.  I HAD to be at work to unpack so I'm so glad she was able to step in for us.

Momma home!!!
So glad that after many tests, my momma got to go home with an all clear.  She got some new medicine & a few doctor's appointment in her future - but she's home back in her bed & with her cats who wondered where their momma was at.

As much as I dreaded packing, I dreaded UNPACKING... especially on a Monday - when its my busiest day anyways. I literally was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day, but I made it- & it went smoother than I thought it would.

Night time reading
... be prepared - reading outside will be on my list a lot now that its warming up!  Morning reading & night time reading. Bring it on!

Mom's face OK
I got a phone call right as I was leaving to go to our HSM home group that my mom was "bleeding from the head" - WHAT???? .... I rush over & find that she has somehow scratched a mole on her face while she was asleep. She woke up to a face & pillow covered in blood. I'd be freaked out too.  All the commotion got that BP of her's spiked right back up.... but we got her cleaned up, calmed down & she was alright in the end. Whew! Glad we didnt have to do another hospital visit.

I'll talk more about it in the Show Us Your Books post - but man, I just ADORED this book.  Seriously.  If you loved Harry Potter, RUN - dont walk - to the store, or Amazon, or library, or wherever your get your books - & READ THIS - so much fun!  I just loved being transported to a magical place for a few days.

Outside Lunch
Our little lunch crew tried a new place that is LITERALLY across the street - never tried it before.  Had the BEST falafel!!! & loved it even more because it was beautiful to sit out in the warmer weather ... add in a bunch of laughter, it was a great break in the day.

Work note
I came into work & saw this sitting on my desk... what a lovely way to start a day!!! (Have I mentioned for the 238th time how much I love my job?)

The View
... no, not that awful, stress inducing talk show that I avoid at all costs... I mean the view from our new floor we're working on while construction is happening.  We're up on the 24th floor & it was the perfect view to watch the planes practice for the big air show that happens in Downtown Louisville to kick off the Derby Festival.  They were SO CLOSE to the building.  It was like we could legit see the pilots in their seats!!!

Sweet friend
I was just having a really down morning & lo & behold, in my mailbox that same afternoon, there was the sweetest, full of uplifting words & encouragement card from my PRECIOUS friend Mandy.  She is just the most caring person & is always so  loving in concern & care. She's just one of those people that makes the world a better place.

Horse Help
I had gone over to take care of the horses this weekend since Ricky had to work & was so thankful for my nieces who showed me the new ropes for the miniature horse... They are little horse pros. Their Papaw would be so proud!!!

Taxes Done
YAHOOO!!!!! & a refund to boot!
We always take our refund & turn right around & give it right back to the government for our property taxes.  What a fun game of money with the good USofA.

One on One prayers
I cant think of a greater honor than to pray with my HSM girls & when they ask for prayer & open up, seeking God's help?  It's truly something I'm grateful for every time to be able to go to our Lord with them to ask for His interceding.

I'm even more grateful for a Lord who hears us when we pray, when we seek Him & His love for us to care enough about our problems, big & small.

What are you thankful for this week?

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