Monday, April 22, 2019

The weekend I was so grateful to make it to church on Easter Sunday

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Praise the Lord... He is Risen!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend!!!

I just love Easter & all the JOY that comes from it ... & I had so many plans for the weekend....

but life - & pollen - & sinuses were like a big NOPE!

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I was looking forward to going to my old home church for their Good Friday service. I LOVE a Good Friday service.  That sort of service that really focuses on the reflection of Jesus being crucified.  The kind of service that leaves you walking out with a heavy feeling of what actually happened.  The grief sitting on your chest knowing the pain & suffering our Savior went through.  Yeah, I actually look forward to that... because it sets you up for SUNDAY!!!! & know ITS COMING!!!!

But when I got home from work on Friday, I literally crawled straight into bed.  I think I even still had my work clothes on... & tried to get in the Easter mood by watching a documentary on Netflix about the week leading up to the crucifixion... the dad from Downton Abby was the guy leading it.  It was really interesting... until my medicine kicked in & yeah....I was out by 7pm

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I woke up Saturday feeling even worse....

I get like this every year.  The watery eyes, the sneezing that won't quit - which if you remember LAST April, is when the sneeze - & I mean THE SNEEZE - that caused my year long of surgeries happened... so I'm really pensive about sneezing.... but my throat closes, I can't breath - its just miserable.  & then it throws me into a sinus infection.  Because I end up with a fever.

& on Saturday, it was day 2 of a fever... so I just decided to stay in bed.  I was super bummed about that because I had once again had plans ... this time, I was going to go see my friend in a production of Mary Poppins & I was going to be able to sit with her kiddos - who are some of my past youth kiddos (once my youth kiddos - always my youth kiddos) & I was so looking forward to it.  Because one thing about me you must know.... I want life so badly to be like a musical.  Break out in song & dance any time & I'm ALL in - so a production that has song & dance? Give them all to me!

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 I was so looking forward to it - but yeahhhh.... I did good to get a hot steamy shower to open up my head.

I knew I had to make it to Easter service though....

I woke up feeling a whole lot better Sunday morning - Praise the Lord... actually woke up around 6:00am - (Such a bummer on a weekend)... but I made some breakfast for Ricky & I & we both headed out to our church.... THAT WAS SUPER PACKED!!!

We usually sit in the front row because I get super claustrophobic in the aisles of our church... nope.  Wasn't happening this we went the total polar opposite & sat in the very back row of the balcony... It worked well for me because we sat at the top of the steps so I didnt have anyone in front of me & I felt like I had breathing space. Whew!

But let me tell you - EVERY SEAT was filling up in that place. I LOVE seeing a church over flowing like that.  & it was such a good message, ending with a challenge to be baptized if you believed who Jesus says He is... & did what He said He'd do... the whole reason we were celebrating Easter.  & so many picked up on that challenge.

I say it every time - I dont have to know you to cry at watching your baptism.  Complete strangers lined up, getting in this tub of water, professing the statement of faith & DUNK!  SPLASH! NEW CREATION!!!!  When people come out of the water with smiles on their face, or hands lifted, or tears flowing... all the chills. All the emotion.  My new sister or brother in Christ right there.  I LOVE IT!  It never gets old to me.

At one point, the bassist in the band was playing & looked over & his wife was in the baptismal with their two children... he just dropped his guitar & ran over to be next to them.  Yep - tears.

It was a perfect way to celebrate our Risen Savior!!!!

Ricky & I left from there & of course, stopped at Starbucks before heading home.

This is what I called my "Grown up version" of an Easter basket :) 

& by the time we got home... I was feeling bad again.  Just worn out... not at the top of my game.  I just  laid down for awhile & then went to my mom's to attempt to take her to my brother's who was having an Easter lunch & egg hiding thing.... but I had a fever again - DANG IT!!!! ... so mom just sent me home & I got back in bed to binge some more Netflix.  UGH.

At least I made it through the service feeling good & got to still celebrate Jesus's resurrection...

& feeling so blessed to be able to do it safely.  After hearing the news of Sri Lanka, my heart just BROKE.  That picture of Jesus with blood spattered on it?  We take for granted so easily the freedom we have to worship in this country... & forget even more casually how many people reject & hate for us to have that freedom to worship our Lord.

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Bless the people who were affected & the families that lost loved ones on the Holiest of Holy Days.

So how did  your Easter weekend go?

Did you celebrate?  If so, what did you do?

Are allergies kicking you in the face too?

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