Wednesday, January 04, 2023

A few of my favorite things....

Ricky & I didnt buy anything for each other last Christmas.  We dont need anything because we always just buy whatever we want. #adulting ... but, it made Christmas so ho-hum for us.  It felt like just an ordinary day last Christmas.  This year, we made a deal to just spent $50.00 on each other - & let's just have fun. It was just the idea of having a gift to open & not know what it was & to have fun... & it was just perfect.  Just a little something - & we had such good laughs.  

Here's 2 things Ricky got me...

I had been wanting one of these because I follow a Vegan cook on YouTube & she makes the best looking veggie burgers...

You take 1 can of black beans - put in this baby & chop up .... 1 cup of oats - put in this baby & make oat flour.... & put those in a bowl & add in 1 cup of a spaghetti sauce & you blend & make patties. The burgers look so good. & SO SIMPLE! You can always add in chopped veggies if you wanted to... but I'm trying it.

Plus, I am always chopping stuff for my Hello Fresh boxes so I'm so super stoked to put this to use.

I AM IN LOVE!!!! These things are AMAZING!  
I have a blog friend, Brianna, who posted these on her IG one day & I was all starry eyed about them. I had them in my cart for the longest.... & so FUNNY STORY...

If you put things in your cart or "save for later" - your Alexa will tell you if things go on sale or lightning deals. Well, these went on sale.  Alexa said it out loud & I had said, OHHH - that's a good deal!.... so I order me a pair that night. It was on lightning deal & it only lasted a few hours.

Fast forward to a few days later, there is a package on the front porch & the shape of the package, I knew it was my slippers... but Ricky grabs the bag & says its for him..  We have an understanding during Christmas not to question packages on the front porch. If  you say its yours, no questions - no looks, just ignore what you saw. 

But I KNEW it was the slippers!!!.... & then the next day - my slippers appeared. UH OH

I did what any good wife does... I hid mine in the back of my closet. I thought, I'll see if he really did get me slippers & if not, I'll just pull these out later - he wont even notice.

But on Christmas Day - yep! He got these for me - same color & everything - HAHA! 

So Shhh!!!! I've returned mine & will be buying me another color down the road... fingers crossed for another lightning deal! If not - no cares, I'm still getting them - they're THAT amazing!

Satin Lined Beanie

A friend of mine at work said she got one of these to try & she loved it. Her dog ate it after one evening... & I feel that to my soul.  But she said it made her hair feel so silky & smooth the next day.  I've been having a LOT of issues with my hair getting tangled when I sleep lately (what am I doing???) so I had mentioned this to Ricky & he remembered I said that. Look at him!  This was a total fun surprise

... Ricky also got me a BEAUTIFUL Cardigan sweater... I dont have the link to it - but Dude did good! I was pleasantly surprised. But it s a long camel color cardigan that has the coolest sleeves on it & cable knit down the front & is long & so cozy.  I applaud him... & he definitely went over the $50.00 limit.

Oh yeah - he also got me some Gryffindor socks... he said he found those at Home Depot & had to pick them up - LOL! Home Depot? Alright then!

What did I get him?

I found this fun little gift I had to get him when it popped up in my Instagram feed

This is the Avengers pack... & I got him the Purple set... they are just too cool. All of the face cards are Marvel characters.  They make these in different things too - Star Wars, Harry Potter - in all the different house colors! (I want some of those)... they are just a fun add in for a gift.  Mark that for next year for your guys!

Rally House UK Camo Hat

This hat has a little bit of a story too... So online, you can click & see - its says $35.00. - even NOW, it says that. But when we opened it, it has a price tag on it for $24.99! SAY WHAT?  I took a picture of the hat & sent to Rally House & they credited it back to my card - but geez!!!! That's sneaky... & bad business. You're already paying $7.99 for shipping online - just put online what the price is in the store - & ON THE HAT!

& also... the best part of Christmas... I got him 10 bottles of these!!!

This is like GOLD to Ricky.  & you think how long it would take you to go through 10 bottles.... I bet this is all gone by Spring!  Fire sauce on EVERYTHING!!!!

So tell me about your favorite gift you got this past Christmas?
(& yes, its 2023 & I'm still talking about Christmas)

Do you have set rules for gifts with your spouse/ family?

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