Friday, January 06, 2023

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Laundry Helper

Silicone dryer "balls" ...errr...cacti
These are supposed to grip hair off your clothes when tossed in your dryer... & somehow make the drying process faster? Not sure how that works but that's what people are saying. I just want all the hair taken off. Between me & Ricky with long hair & our for dogs - I can put these to the ultimate test!

Favorite Ice Tray

I mean... these are PERFECT for any winter drinks

Favorite Pasta Friend

OK... I just want this to see it work.
The reviews are good on it - but you toss this in a pot of boiling water with pasta cooking & it sings a different song - & each song, you know how long the pasta has been cooking! LOL
How nuts is this?  So you know when its been 3 minutes, 7 minutes, etc.
What a fun goofy present to give to the cook in your life!

Favorite Conversation Starters

I have an app with conversation questions that I would always use for my youth group.
One question can get people talking.
But I think this is fun to just have in your purse/bag if you get together with friends & break them out to let the stories flow.

Favorite Gift for Men

Being from Kentucky, an even BETTER gift for men.
I know the Holidays are over - but start buying for 2023 Christmas - or even a birthday!
But a lip balm that tastes like bourbon! 
Plus - men are hard to buy for - this is a cute little easy $5.00 gift

Favorite Hair Clips

I keep seeing these on TV on stars getting their make up done.
These are supposed to not leave a weird crease in your hair while you're pulling your hair back for make up - or cleaning your face - or when you're in the tub!
I totally am trying these!!!

Favorite Weather Helper

If you have a favorite jacket/coat that doesnt have a hood on it - & you know its going to snow or rain, you can get this & put on under your coat - & BAM! A hood!

I have never seen anything like this before!

Friday Funnies

Happy Weekend!!!

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