Tuesday, January 03, 2023

The weekend I got older

 Yep... I know I never got around to sharing more about Christmas & the holidays. This is just how I roll lately. I never uploaded the pics... & I never got a post going because it was a CRAZY week last week. .... so. Like I said, it was lovely.. minus the -7 temperatures, that felt like -35 degrees... & snow... & everything frozen. That was nightmarish! 

It was so cold, I took Zoe out & she literally peed & then SCREAMED OUT - like GET ME OUT OF THIS! I'm with you baby girl!

We even had ice INSIDE our windows!  We moved our curtains & I guess where the curtains were keeping the heat away from the windows, yep, ice - like I could SCRAP it from the inside. I didnt even know this was possible!

Since there's no pictures of my decorations, here's just a quick pic of how beautiful my brother's house was decorated for Christmas...We got to spend Christmas Eve over their house playing games & having the best time laughing.  

He just makes his home look so beautiful... this isnt everything either.... all of it magical.
Plus, this is the drive back to his house... with the snow, it made it even more magical.

But we moved on & the weekend...well, Friday was my birthday! Another trip around the sun!  51 years old. It really makes me shake my head some times because ... WHAT? .... HOW?.... WHEN?... I mean, we get "when" but it just is mind blowing how fast the times goes.  I dont feel 51. Even saying it feels weird on my tongue.

I told all my coworkers that my job makes me actually age on my birthday, because its always a mad house on my birthday with our department at work.  We work in finance so the end of the year, its NUTS.  Not a good day to have a birthday.  But, I made sure to stop on my way into work to snag up my free drink at Starbucks.  Its the only time I smile when I place my $8.00 Chai Tea order... give that baby to me for FREE!

Birthday girl 12/30/22

& then my coworkers make the day so nice too... 

My sweet hubby was waiting for me to get off work too so he could order my favorite pizza... Bonnie &Clyde's... you've heard me talk about it before. Its the pizza to beat all pizza. He even got pineapple on it for my birthday. Dont come at me about pineapple on pizza - its DELISH!

He even got a candle for the cake he got me... how cute is that!  You cant see it, but there's 2 on there.  Way better than 51.

Saturday... we had to go into work to finish up year end stuff.  The day just felt so weird with that. We got in at 9 & when we left, I was just feeling so confused what day it was. & the time flew too so that made it feel even more confusing.

I picked up some dinner for Ricky & I, as well as a dozen Krispy Kreme... which SOMEONE inhaled 10 of them by midnight....

But we ended up staying up till midnight! Look at us! It felt like an accomplishment!  It was close... Hubby was nodding off starting around 11:15 but he fought so hard... & we got to ring in the new year!  HAPPY 2023!  I think Ricky was sound asleep by 12:03pm.  Of course, in true perimenouse fashion, I then couldnt go to sleep.... Perfect time to finish Emily in Paris.

The rest of the weekend... very laid back... no make up... sweats, dont even know that I brushed my hair.  

I just relaxed - we watched a lot of movies - I read some - did a LOT of laundry & a LOT of cleaning... & got all my Christmas stuff down. Always so sad to get the house back to 'normal' - though we do have a bare tree still standing.  I needed to order a new tree bag & it wont be in until the end of the week, so we'll see if the tree gets put up next weekend... or if it stays up till February - as tradition usually goes.

How was your weekend?

Did you make it till midnight on NYE?

Do you go out for NYE or stay home?

When do you take your Christmas down?

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