Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The year starting off with a ... fizzle...

 I came into 2023 with the idea that, YES! I'm going to be the blogger I once was!

Posts 5 days a week....

Photos that are beautiful or fun... showing life all around me...

Sharing thoughts & updates...


Geez - How is it January 18th & I've posted a hand full of times. 

Where is this magic elixir to get my blogging mojo in full gear again? Because I need it.

I honestly just dont know what happens with time anymore! 

 I used to come home from work & get in a work out, make dinner, clean the house, play with the dogs, read a few chapters & then sit down to blog.

... now?

I feel like I get home, have to take a 10-15 minute sit down to just close my eyes & rest.  I then make dinner because Ricky is getting to bed early & then once the kitchen is cleaned - its time to feed the dogs & its dark & cold & I just want to sit in my chair & read. 

Work out - nope

Cleaning - maybe picking up a sock on the floor

Blogging - totally out of the question.

I just feel like time rushes by so fast from 4:00 to 10pm - where does it go? & honestly - I get home around 5 & that just leaves 5 hours - & that's if I'm lucky.  Some nights, I'm beat & in bed by 9... so 4 hours. How are you supposed to get life done in 4 hours?

I honestly dont know how you moms do it with kids to have to get in all THEIR stuff too.  I applaud you.

I think it has to do with the time too - where its dark so early. Though, let's rejoice - we are on the back side & getting more light every evening.  I noticed this past weekend it was nearing 6 pm & it wasn't TOTAL blackness... just getting dark. BRING IT ON!

But in the summer, I know I'm outside with the dogs or reading till 9pm... I dont feel like the world is shutting down at 6pm when its cold & dreary.

... alas...

I'm on a mission - not a New Years Resolution - because we're 3 weeks into this baby! but I'm going  to try & get my schedule back in check.  

Get that work out in as soon as I get home so no "tired" excuses.
Put that laundry on while I work out.
Get in the routine of making dinner a little later - but not too late.
Keeping that kitchen cleaned up as I go while cooking (i'm good at that anyways but can always improve)
Get back in my 15 minute clean up routine... I have a system - I should post about it.
... & that there - a blog inspiration idea! ... get back to blogging.

Get it ALLLL done

I'm a person of routine. I need it - I THRIVE on it.  Just gotta get the right schedule going...

... but you wont see me missing out on my nightly reading time... that routine - here to stay!

Are you a routine person?

Does your schedule change in winter?

What time do you usually make dinner?

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