Wednesday, June 13, 2007

80's rock!

I popped in my CD that I put together a few years ago & I love how it transports me back in time. It is all songs from when I was a teenager - the great 80's! See if you remember any of these, even heard any of these.
  • "Teenage Love"- Slick Rick - Now I'm not a huge fan of rap, but rap then is NOT what rap is now! It completely describes the whole "drama" of being a teenager in love!
  • "Arms of Orion" - Prince & Sheena Easton - it was the love song from the original Batman movie with Michael Keaton. Anyone remember it? Its great!
  • "Girlfriend" - Pebbles - Oh yeah, driving around on Friday night with Stephanie screaming to the top of our lungs - GOOD TIMES
  • "Don't Give Up" - Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Kate Bush's voice is hauntingly beautiful in this!
  • "As We Lay" - Shirley Murdock - a song about adultery - dont know why I liked it - but I did - another one of those Me & Steph screaming/singing songs
  • "Without You" - Motley Crue - how can you have the 80's without a Crue song? This is memories of meeting Jeff on Spring Break at Myrtle Beach.
  • "How Could It Be" - Eddie Murphy - YES, Eddie Murphy - & if you havent heard it - it is AWESOME! A Love ballad that was actually on Side B of "Party All the Time" - but then you even have to remember little single albums with a Side B on them!
  • "Cry to Me" - from Dirty Dancing - you all know the scene - Loved it! I even went to the Dirty Dancing Concert when it toured - how sad is that! (Front row by the way!)
  • "Poison" - Bel Biv Devoe - I Defy anyone to NOT dance when this starts - its a great booty-shaker song!

I do know for a fact that most of these are on You Tube - what's better than an 80's song - an 80's video! They dont make them like they use to!........aahhh, memories!

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