Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prince William & Harry

Did anyone see the special with Prince William & Prince Harry speaking for the first time together? I was so anxious to watch it. Why? I guess because I have seen these two men since they've been born. My mom woke me up the morning Charles & Diana got married. It was around 4:30 am & my mom told me "This is history". I can remember sitting in mom's bed watching this with the eyes of every little girl imagining her wedding day. Watching William being born & him crawling in front of the camera, & then later, the "spare" Harry coming into the world. We did watch them grow up. Then the tragedy of their mom dying & we watched them grieve following their mom's casket. How could anyone's heart not break seeing the card that said "Mummy" on her basket amid her favorite flowers? It's wild to see them as grown men now & to think how much time has gone by. Why the obsession with them? Could you imagine if your life was in the public spotlight all the time - everything you did - every mistake you made? I feel so badly when people are so judgemental of them. Wouldnt it be a different story if the people who judged, if their lives were put on the front page of papers? Like they said in the interview last night - they didn't ask for this - they were born into it. The most impressing thing for me - the thing that shows these boys do have a level head - they were most thrilled that they have a roof over their head. Now, they live in a palace, and they're happy they have shelter. Matt Lauer had said that they must have learned that from their mother - after seeing so many who dont have the privliges they have - they understand the blessings they have, even in its simpliest form. Wouldnt their mom be so proud? I guess I'll always be protective of these boys in some sense. The world loved their mom - why wouldnt they love these boys?

And if there was any way I could, I'd let them know I have 2 more daughters that aren't married that would be perfect for them (Holla!)

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