Friday, June 15, 2007

Gotta love Comedy!

I'm so excited! The new season of "Last Comic Standing" has started. I dont know why I'm excited because every year, my favorite doesn't win - but at least I get laughs throughout the season. I liked that the judges kicked out alot of the people that had the raunchy, tasteless jokes! Why do people feel like they have to make jokes dirty or curse in them to make them funny? One of the funnest nights I ever had was a Christian Comedy Concert with Mark Lowry and Chonda Pierce with a bunch of other comedians. Me & Ricky took my parents & we had front row, center seats. There is just nothing like laughter! There's nothing like watching your parents laugh so hard too! We left with stomachs literally aching! All clean, good, FUNNY jokes! I was raised in a Baptist church so to hear jokes about different demoniations and have a room full of God-loving people laughing ALONG with it - Too much fun!

I'm an easy "laugh-er" & its funny because it takes ALOT to get Ricky to really get a gut-laugh. But its amazing when something strikes him & he gets those Gut-aching/tear-stained-cheek laughs. Isn't it funny how God gives us all different senses of humor? I can laugh till I'm screaming & look at Ricky & hear him say, "Is wasn't that funny" - ahhh, opposite attract!.

I truly love to laugh more than anything! So I'll be watching this season & trying to find the funniest again this year - & then jinx them by liking them - that means they wont win!

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