Thursday, June 07, 2007

Small Group

Last night was our first small group meeting without Steph. WIERD! It was nice to be back with these people, enjoying dinner, laughing and having some great discussions! Were dinasours on the Ark? Was Jesus with God from the beginning? How Satan tried to ruin the lineage of Christ. Some really good stuff I never even thought of before.
What got me though throughout the night - I'm watching Bridget and Carol and their "inside jokes" and talking about going shopping earlier in the afternoon together and just their looks at each other that could make them laugh. That's where it hurts - that was me and my buddy. I see all these friends together and feel out in left field somewhere. Its just different with girlfriends - they get you in a way your husband can't. Ask any girl - they'll agree!
I have to say though - Ryan, Steph's baby - truly amazes me though with his knowledge of the Bible. I dont know many 21 year olds that can tell you exactly where things are said in the Bible. "Oh you want to know that? Go to Job 41 - Go to John 1:3 - Go to...." OH MY - that boy has the Spirit in him! Steph always said he'd be her little preacher!

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