Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My poor hands!

Ohhhh! I've got to do something about my poor aching hands! ......... For those who dont know, Steph started on a blanket for Amber before she passed away. We were out yarn shopping one day & she came across this yarn that was exactly like the yarn she made Amber a baby blanket out of when she was born. Over the years, the blanket has gotten misplaced - so when Steph found this yarn, she bought all they had & was determined to make her an adult "baby" blanket. It is so soft, its like working with cotton candy - its even similar in the colors - with white, pink and blue speckled throughout. Steph knew she wasn't going to be able to finish it so she had me promise I would finish this. I promised. So I've been working on it and my poor hands are reaping the consequences. A baby blanket or a small project is easy - they get finished quickly. An adult size blanket - whew - its work. Steph taught me to crochet before we knitted & I crocheted a blanket for our bed - it took me about 3 years to finish!!!! (SERIOUSLY) I cant wait 3 years to get this done. I am half way finished - I have 2 1/2 skeins left. I gave my hand a break during the weekend so I think I may be ready to get started again.

I have it marked where Steph finished on it - I want to run a ribbon through it so Amber can keep that part up by her heart - that's the last thing she was working on - even working on it up until Mother's Day - 4 days before she passed....... I'll definately post a picture when its finished - the "cotton candy comfort" ....... Cheer me on to that last stitch!

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