Monday, June 25, 2007

Slip and Slide!!

What a fun day Sunday! First, we had our new Senior Pastor give his first "offical" sermon - & it was wonderful! Great to see our new leader stand up there & give such a message that is to prepare us for the road that is ahead - its going to be fantastic! You could feel the energy in our church - words cant even explain it!

Onto the "ranch" for our church cookout to celebrate our new Minister & his family. It was rainy but it didn't keep people away. There is a barn on the property that was perfect - it held everyone nicely, plenty of room, plenty of food - it was very nice. The rain came (no one was too upset - we needed it) & everyone stayed dry & enjoyed their afternoon.

I say everyone stayed dry - but I guess that isn't true. There was a 30 foot slip and slide that was provided. Kids were lined up, standing in the rain getting wet already. A few of us went up to watch with our umbrellas up so we wouldnt get wet. Yeah - that didn't last long. One of the girls from my Junior High Youth group conned me in getting a little too close. Next thing I know - my arms & legs are being picked up & the water hose is being sprayed all over me. So much for staying dry! Why not - I'm already soaked - I'm heading down the slip and slide. First time, not too good - had to try again! Second time - I dont know what the heck happened - I think I did a triple axle off my head & flew off the side. All was well & I had to try it again! By the 3rd time, I was a slipping expert! Next thing I see is more adults jumping in - even got Lindsay to join (& she just had on a tank top and MINI SKIRT! - where this is a will, there is a way!) Yes, all the adults had to wait patiently in line with the kids - but I dont know who was more excited between the two of us! It's always good to throw all caution to the wind & act & play like a child - you seem to forget all the cares of the world when you're in that moment. This morning - HMM, a different story, I'M SORE!!!! (I guess you can't ever really shake your creeping age! - DARN!)

On a side note - all us wet ones just had to induct our new pastor down the slide - but he was a great sport about going down the slipperly slope. He was like all of us - once you were wet and did it once, why not do it again and again? Life's short - enjoy it!

On one more side note - we were NOT planning on doing this - so the ride home was not very pleasant for me and Lindsay! I think my car seats are STILL drying out today!

I hope everyone always keeps the attitude of a child - it just makes life so much more fun!

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