Friday, August 10, 2007


Tonight, I am anxious to see 20/20. They are doing a special called "Pastor to Power" & looking into the life of Billy Graham & his relationships with our Presidents. I love Billy Graham & his life story - if you havent read his Biography, its wonderful. What a man of God! Its amazing how he can draw people into hearing the Word - & its amazing how he has influenced so many of our Presidents. What a reward he will have in Heaven one day!

I had the opportunity to see Billy Graham a few years back when he stopped in Louisville & preached at Cardinal stadium. That whole week was wonderful! To see the stadium full of people hearing messages of salavation - seeing the overflow of people having to sit outside & watch via screens - to see hundreds of people go & dedicate their lives to Jesus. It was a moving experience just to witness!

Hopefully, the program will do Mr. Graham justice tonight.


  1. Hey!! I did not know you back then, but I was there in Cardinal Stadium as well when Billy Graham was there. He really is great! I enjoyed that very much, and it was very awe inspiring to see so many people turn out for an event like that.


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