Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Vet Trip

So I'm back at the vet's office this morning. My poor Buffy started whining yesterday every time she was getting up from lying down. You could tell she wasnt feeling good because we mentioned the word "BALL" in her prescense & there was no running wildly to the door - which is the normal reaction. She was up all night, pacing the floor, not being able to get comfortable & whining each time she laid on her hip.

We make a trip to see our favorite doggie docs. They said they think its her right hip because she would get very tense when they wanted to touch it. It could be many things but they want to start with the first steps & the basics. That being - they feel she's obese - my poor baby! They said all the extra weight on her is bad for her joints so I'm to put her on a strict diet & I got some glucosimine pills for her as well (hey - thats what I just started taking for MY joints). The scary thing - we've had her on diet food for the past few months & I thought she was trimming up! Heck no - she's gained 7 lbs since our last visit just a few weeks ago! WHAT? I was shocked! So, if she hasnt lost in the next month - after a strict regimen of diet & exercise, then we have to take her back for a thyroid test.

I noticed her "knot" has been sticking out further too so I asked if that was OK. They said it seemed to be the same size which is good - but they think her "fat" is pushing it out, making it more noticable!

I want to hear no comments about how people & their dogs resemble each other! (HEHE!)

But - Buffy is having a good day after the trauma of the vet's office because I brought her to work with me. She got to visit everyone in the office, get fresh cold water out of our water cooler - enjoying a special day. I always love having one of my doggies in my office. I think we should always be able to bring our "fur-babies" with us to work. Makes the stress not so bad during the day when you have a wet nose poking at you to love on!

To top off the day - I woke up with a summer cold! This just hasnt been the best day....

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