Thursday, August 09, 2007

Say a little prayer

For those who haven't heard - lift up a little prayer today for Julie & Baby Isaac. She flew home on Monday, had a doctor's appt. on Tuesday - & found out her cervix is thinning causing contractions. She's been on bed rest this week & goes back Friday to see if things are slowing down. We are anxious to see Isaac but not this early. I told Julie, he was so excited about all the new toys from the baby shower, he's ready to come play! So say a little prayer for both of their health & safety.
We know God's in control!


  1. The bed rest is definitely helping. I had very few contractions yesterday, all of which were mild. I'm keeping busy with my knitting too. I knitted one of those cute bibs yesterday and will start on another sweater today.

  2. Saying a prayer... and great picture of Ricky and Julie... I didn't realize how much the resembled each other!!!!

  3. Yep, their similarities are uncanny in more ways than appearance!

    I totally stole that photo for my own collection - Thanks Rebecca!


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