Monday, August 27, 2007

Ears Ringing!

What a rockin' night! Last night, we got to see Def Leppard, Styx & Foreigner in concert! Now alot of people wouldnt think that I'm a rocker - & I guess I'm not really - not in today's terms. But I am a child of the 80's & the "hair-bands" were a great thing then. The rock of that day isn't like the rock of today. Ricky likes it all - no matter what decade - but for me, I can feel my age when it comes to today's rock (What the heck are they saying?). I was excited to see Def Leppard more than anything & Ricky was excited to see the other 2 bands so it worked out to be a great night for us. And Lindsay was with us who is a true music lover of any kind so she just enjoyed it all.

I have to say, our seats were INCREDIBLE!!! We were right on the side of the stage & was just feet away from the artist. We could also see all the side work & artist were hanging out right next to us watching the next band - it was awesome! I took tons of pictures but got home WAY too late to upload them - so they'll come soon!

It's funny to go to a concert like that though - you see everything! Especially bands that have been around. There were all ages there - & I thought it was funny to see the parents who looked so much older & brought their kids to share in their youth. Not so funny when I realize we brought Lindsay with us & we were doing the same thing! OUCH! Those songs did take me back though - I just wish I teased my hair into "Mall hair" & put on that blue eye shadow & blue eyeliner - that would have really taken me back! (OHHH - our fashion choices of being a teen!).

Now, back to life - having to go to work on 4 hours sleep & my ears ringing. I definately dont have the lifestyle of a rocker! That's a good thing by the way! Rock on!

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