Thursday, August 16, 2007

Making Strides

I was so blessed this morning to be able to attend a benefit breakfast for "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer". The room was full of pink & white balloons, people wearing all shades of pink everywhere, & the most touching sight - seeing people everywhere with "Survivor" banners drapped across them like Miss America. The event was at the Galt House & there was roughly 750 seats - almost all full. I would say half, if not more, had the "Survivor" banners on. You would see them on every race, age, size of women around the room - showing that cancer is not choosy on who it attacks. The speaker for the event was a young lady who is in her early 30's who is a cancer Survivor herself. She was pregnant with her second child while fighting this disease & her story was truly touching. (Her & the child are wonderful now - & she's actually pregnant with her 3rd child due in December) Her mother is a breast cancer survivor as well & sadly, her grandmother is now battling the disease herself. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when she talked about how she was so afraid she wouldnt be there to raise her own child, & no matter how old she gets, she still needed her mother....& no matter how old her mother gets, she too needs her could hear the sniffling around the room! You talk about a girl & their mother - it touches the heart!

I've participated before in the walks & am now planning on being an active member again this year. The walk will be on Sunday, October 28th (which is actually mine & Ricky's 12 yr wedding anniversary - I'll have to get him to walk with me!). Having a friend just pass with cancer - & seeing another wonderful friend, Vicki, surviving her round with breast cancer - I'll be walking proudly that day! Maybe I can get a team together & we can go & support all the people who have to battle this horrible disease every day! Together - we can make a difference!

Just take a minute & think of all the women you know in your life - all the women you LOVE in your life - now think - 1 in 5 will probably get breast cancer. Its bone-chilling! Early detection makes the survival rate go to 95% - gotta spread the word - gotta beat this horrible thing that is cancer! I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me about this - I may be contacting some of you to join me on my "stride".


  1. Rebecca,
    Hi there. So glad you got to attend the "Making Strides" event. Sounds like you were describing Jana Eberle as the young speaker. She is married to Scott Eberle who is my husband's nephew. She was on our church prayer list during her pregnancy and cancer treatment time. She is a sweet girl and she and Scott are both christians, as well. A simply darling family.

    Peace be with you,
    Lois Eberle

  2. Yes - that was who the speaker was! I did think of you when I heard the name - such a small world! She had a truly inspiring story!

  3. I'd love to walk with you! You are such an inspirational motivator. You just don't realize how your wonderful and bubbley personality makes us all laugh and encourages us to get out there and do more for this world. You raise my spirits every time I see that infectious smile and hear that marvelous laugh. God loves you so much and so do we!

    Vicki & Steve Meredith


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