Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Altar

First, I have to start by saying I LOVE my small group - which technically isn't that small anymore. We started off getting together when we did the "Purpose Driven Life" study. We all stayed together after that ended & have since had more people join us. Last night, we had 15 people together, laughing, sharing & getting into the Bible with opinions & different insight. Its always a great fellowship time!

So - the topic of going to the altar came up. Getting everyone's thoughts on the matter was truly interesting. I found alot of people dont go up to the altar because it makes them feel like people are staring at them with the attitude of "What's wrong with them" - "What did they do that is so wrong". As someone who has been at the altar many times with friends & family, I see it completely different.

If your heart has been opened after hearing the message & God speaking through His word - then that time is just such an intimate time you can take with your Heavenly Father. You can go to the altar just to Praise Him - nothing has to be wrong! But if there is - what a wonderful time to fall on your knees before the prescense of the Lord & have others pray with you!

Someone had even mentioned they'd be more willing to go up & pray if the invitation was "If you have any issue you need to pray about at all, come up here & we'll pray for you" - but again, it goes back to humbling yourself to do it. How many times have you felt the call to go fall on your knees, but something holds you back? Pride? Afraid what others may think? You can bet that Satan doesnt want you going & releasing things to God. I'm not saying you can't feel God's prescense where you are at either - but sometimes, you feel that pull - you feel that need to go & fall on your knees at that altar & have others surround you with prayers.

From my personal experience -I can tell you every time I have been up there with my hand on someone's back, or my arms around someone, or holding a hand with a friend, I stand up with such a presence of the Holy Spirit working - its an amazing feeling. It is truly an honor to pray with someone in the presence of God!

I challenge everyone to try it if you never have - fall on your knees, even if it is to say "Thank you Lord for all you do for me!" If you want a friend to be there with you - come get me - I'd be honored to be on my knees with you!

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