Thursday, February 21, 2008


My home page is set on Google - & its customized to the things I like to see first thing in the morning. A few of my favorites are some "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey" - oh my goodness - some of these things just are so stupid, they crack me up!!! When I was younger & would hear some of these things on Saturday Night Live - I never quite understood. Now, I'm older - & I don't really understand much more, but they just strike me as funny now.

Another part of my page that I enjoy is a "How to of the Day" - there are new things each day that you can click on & learn how to do something. I've had fun with some of these things - learned how to do an orgami swan, how to draw a 3-D image, how to fold fitted sheets - some really cool & useful stuff. Well today, I'm looking at the list & this is what is on the "How to" for the day:

"How to Not be Annoying"

HUH? I'm interested & have to click on it. I don't know if its being serious or not, but I had to laugh at some of the advice. Here are some highlights:

* Build self-confidence. Being insecure can lead to annoying traits. Until you have built your self confidence up dont try too hard

(OK - that just struck me as funny. I want to know what kind of annoying traits its talking about!)

*Respect boundaries - Do not go around poking people constantly. In fact, don't touch them at all if they don't like it. Of course if they grant permission, then by all means have fun, but otherwise cut it out before you start

(Is this for real? Who goes around & just pokes people? And who's going to give permission for it?)

* Don't correct bad grammar/spelling or inaccuracies of others because most people don't like being corrected

(Actually I will agree with this - someone has done this to me many times, & I'll admit, I'm not a perfect grammer Queen & this is an annoying habit of some people! I'll use double negatives if I WANT TO!)

* Be Polite & hygenic. Don't peek down people's shirts for instance, don't pass gas, don’t talk about looking down people’s shirts or passing gas. Take care to brush and/or floss after meals so as not inflict your breath on others or allow strings of food to flap back and fourth when you speak, and don’t talk about specific instances of impolite or unhygienic actions that offended you in the past

(Again - what the heck age are we talking about here? I'm going to vomit thinking of "string of food flapping back & forth....)

The funniest (or saddest) part for me - is the "WARNING" that is given at the end of the article:

If you are unable to stop being annoying, be wary that some people will not be able to stand you anymore. They may physically assault you causing serious injury or even death

OH MY!!!!! Well, I'm anxous to see what tomorrow's How To is - because today, all I learned was how to laugh at some kooky article!

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