Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow - Ice

Wasn't today full of fun with all the snow & ice? It's not that there was so much snow - just that layer of ice on top of it seemed to be the problem for me. I do not like ice - not at all! I've taken a dive on it way too many times.

Memories: I can remember getting off the school bus in front of my house in first grade, walking around the front of the bus & sliding & falling right in front of the bus! My fear as a little, wee first grader was that the bus couldn't see little ole' me & was going to take off. All was well.

Again - in high school - friends came to pick me up for school - what happens? I step off the side walk onto the drive, and yep...slide under the car! What is the deal with going under automobiles?

The worst of them all - me, my mom & brother were going out to go Christmas shopping - I was 17 - just got a new car (that wasn't so new) - a Ford Escort & my first cluth! As we were running out the house to get the shopping going - I did the ultimate dive that would have competed with the X-games! I swear, I think there was a triple axel in there somewhere (if I knew what a triple axel was!) - I crushed my ankle! That was one of the worse pains I've ever felt - especially when they said, "Oh, the cast room is closed - you'll have to come back in the morning" - WHAT? How does a room close in a hospital? So sleeping with a crushed ankle was not fun, to say the least. There are so many other times I've taken stumbles & falls on top of ice - I'm telling you, Nancy Kerigan - I'm not! So now, when I see ice - I'm doing the typical old-lady-scoot. As long as I can get to point A to point B without breaking something now - I'm happy.

But I have to admit - ice is beauitful to look at. Its just so crystal-ly (word?). I had to take a picture of our tree when I got home.

And our poor bird feeder is iced over too - I need to refill it. I was reminded of that when I walked out - there was our neighbor's cat laying under the bush next to the bird feeder meowing at me to fill it up to get the birds back around. See how the circle of life works?

It's been awfully fun too watching the puppies walking in the back yard. The ground is where when you step, the small dogs are staying on top of the ice, but every now & then, their feet break through & it makes them trip a little bit. I can't resist a giggle at that. For Big Buffy - she's just stomping through the ice making her mark. Syd - she'd rather now touch the stuff, just enjoying her inside view - how spoiled are these dogs?

Hopefully, everyone was safe & no skidding or falling or breaking of anything over the past Winter Storm.
And for Jen, my friend in Canada, I know this doesn't even compare to what you all deal with up there. But our 3 inches of snow & quarter inch of ice - its a big deal to us - don't knock it!

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  1. Had to laugh at your post. I also have the grace of a deer on ice!I always figured I would be great at ice skating as long as I could strap the blades to my rump!!! One of the more classic falls I have seen involved my sister. She was arriving at my house (late!) for a birthday party for one of the kids. I looked out the window and said, "Oh good, she made it." Turned back around...looked out again and she was gone! When we got the door opened there she was... laying spread eagle on the ground outside her van...door open, unable to get up! It took three people to lay out boards etc to get to her, and then get her up...which was hysterical to watch as well. The only thing she hurt was her dignity!!!


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