Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Knitted Beard

Isn't this funny? A friend from church came up & said he had a "Knitting Project" for me. I was interested - then he went to tell me that he found a "Bearded Cap" & he explained it to me. Words can't explain it as well as the picture!

The problem was - its $130 to purchase this thing from a Norweigan company! No way - we can figure out this project! So I'm online trying to get ideas on how to pattern this thing out. That's one thing I'm not good at - writing up my own patterns. I know people who can look at something & figure out how to do it on their own (Yes, I'm talking to you Kristen & Lindsay!) I don't have that natural gift! I need that pattern in front of me - but I thought, I'll give it a go!

Well - I ended up finding that you can now buy these things for $24.99 here in the good ole USA!! AND you can buy changable mustaches for $6.99! Now there's your bargain! I emailed my friend back & told him I'm more than willing to figure this out (with a little help from my knitting friends) - but $24.99 - dang - that's just the cost of nice wool in itself. But I know as a knitter - its not the cost of yarn - I've had that argument with my husband for the past few years!

"Why are you going to pay $24.00 for a skein of yarn to make 1 pair of socks! I can buy you 24 pairs of socks at the Dollar Store" - my response, "but are they as pretty as my patterened, wool socks?" - you know you've had that conversation with someone!

We'll see if I end up making this knitted Beard Cap - could be interesting!


  1. Here's a tie-breaker. Buy the cap and make the customizable 'staches yourself. You'd prolly just need a bit of velcro. >:3 That way you can get really crazy with them. I am seeing nose-tickling fun fur in this fellow's future!!!! *evil laughter*

  2. I have seen this beardhat all over, but only for $135. I'd be curious to know where you saw it for just $30!
    It's a cool idea, though, right?! :)


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