Monday, February 25, 2008

Different Perspective

I was so honored to baptise one of the girls in our Jr. High Group yesterday. Her name is Kristina. I've been with Kristina for the past 2 years & have watched her grow up - literally. Its amazing to me to look back at pictures that we took just a year ago at Believe - & to see how much these girls grow in just a few months times! WOW! Where does the time go?

But last Sunday, Kristina came up to me & the other youth coaches & said she wanted to get baptised! We were all so excited for her decision. The four of us sat down with her & talked with her explaining the seriousness & commitment that comes along with this decision & wanted to make sure she was ready for such an experience. She was ready for it! When we asked her who she wanted to baptise her, she said me & I couldnt tell you how excited I was to do this for her!

Now, I've seen many baptisms in my life - & I LOVE to see one of the youth getting "dunked" - it makes me cry to sit in the audience & watch them go through this. I love to see when parents or sibilings or friends or youth coaches do it for these students - because these are the people who have gone on their journey with them - walked with them a bit on their way to Christ.

I have to say - this was my first time of actually going in & being honored to baptise someone myself. It was quite a different perspective. Standing in the water & having Kristina give a statement of faith was really quite chilling. Especially because her voice is so soft spoken (I'm sure it gets quite loud when it needs to be!) I dont think anyone in the audience could hear her - but I know the Holy Spirit was there with her & even if she didn't audibly say it, her heart was making the claim! And then for me to have her in my arms & take her back & see the water washing over her face - its indescribable to see a baptism from that angle. To bring her up from the water knowing she is now a new created person because of Jesus - I was so blessed to be holding her in my arms - I have to tell you - I was so in awe of the moment!

Now, I'm anxious to keep walking down that road with Kristina, holding her hand, trying to guide her when she has questions or when she fails - because she'll still fail - who doesn't! I still fail! But I know me, her other youth coaches & her family are going to help her continue on that walk with Christ & I'm anxious to see what God does with her!

I just have to thank God for blessing me with this moment!

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