Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We got our tickets & are waiting for the weekend! Where are we going now? We're going to go see Lindsay Kay in "Gypsy" - our little actress is singing her own solo's & has a pretty decent part. Dont ask me who or what - I've never seen Gypsy - but I'll be full of information after Saturday. It doesn't even matter to us - we're just excited to see her on stage! This will be our first time seeing her in the Corydon Theater. No more Corydon Central High School stages - she's graduated & moving onto bigger & better things!

It still amazes me to see her grown up & on the stage.

Last night - I went & spent time with my nieces - which I will add, are the cutest, sweetest, most perfect little girls in the world (our grandson Isaac wins that title for the boys) - & to spent time with them, I thought, they are 3 1/2 years old. Lindsay was 4 years old when Ricky & I started dating. I look at my nieces & see how little they are & I can actually remember Lindsay like that too - WOW! Where does the time go?

And Lindsay is just like her dad when it comes to being quite & soft spoken & just not a scene stealer - but yet, she'll jump on stage & pour herself into another role or sing her lungs out - but if we leave & I have her go up & ask the waitress for something - she'd probably blush to death! Well, she's not that bad - but she used to be. Its just amazing to see all of Ricky's girls grown up! Lindsay is in college - Alaina is in Florida getting ready to go to graduate school - Julie is getting her PhD & is a mommy herself!

How does all that happen while I still stay the same, youthful age? Doesn't make sense!

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  1. Tell Lind's I said to "break a leg"!!! What an awesome night that will be for you all...

    And you know.. I believe that the older you get, the younger you see yourself... and that isn't bad! I can't believe that Chandra is 28 years old... only yesterday I was curled up on the bed with her, snuggling away the morning... and Rachel... having a second baby???? Crazy... just yesterday she was asking me to take the fish off her hook!!!! And Carly... well.... didn't she just come out of diapers???? Time does fly... that is why we need to embrace each and every second of it!!!!


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