Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I may be obsessed with an elf...


I can admit my addictions..

That's the first step, right?

Its not Diet Coke this time... its not even something Disney related, or running related.

(It could be my love for Cadbury Eggs...but not today's confession...)

Today, I'm admitting my addiction to a man who I lovingly call, "My Dr. Elf"

Dr. Oz!!!!

Doesnt he look like a little Elf with his ears?  I just picture him shooting arrows on "The Lord of the Ring" Movies... (Sorry, its how my warped mind works)

I noticed my addiction when my husband looked at me this past week & said, "You're sick, you know it?"

... that's always eye opening...

Hey - so I want to know the things to make me more healthy.

And if that means recording every episode

... & watching them with a notepad so I can write down notes, then so be it.

And if that also means creating a spreadsheet with all the information I write down - then so be it again.

Yeah.. I really do that...

But ask me about Vitamin D & I can enter it in my spreadsheet & see all the things he's talked about it for.

Tumeric?  Oh yeah, the best spice for cancer...
Alpha Lipoic Acid?  Great for stress...
Protein?  Eat it within 30 minutes of waking up for keeping your body energized.

I'm full of useful information

All because of my little Dr. Elf.

... & laugh if you want... but hopefully I'll be in my 80's & still feeling good.

heck, what am I talking about - I'm 40 & falling apart...

but I'm still holding out hope that when I'm 80, I'll feel good :)


  1. Last week my accountability partner told me he had a show about butts. Ours, not ciggie butts. I checked "ondemand" but he's not shared there.


    I don't watch any daytime TV, but I understand your interest in him!

    Saw a guy on the view while home sick last week, Dr. Agus. (I hope I'm remembering that right.) And I might order his book.

  2. You make me laugh out loud!

    Can I admit that I have NEVER watched Dr. Oz? Will you still be my friend?

  3. He does give a lot of great information, but I can't watch his show because every ailment he discusses, I'm convinced I have! :)

  4. I see nutritionist in your future. =P
    I've never seen Dr. Oz either lol but he does kinda sorta have elf features. Just kinda sorta =P

  5. I love me some Dr. Oz! The last two weeks I've learned a lot about turmeric and how other spices can battle things in our bodies. Amazing stuff. I need your spreadsheet haha

  6. Yes, I've heard that people actually get stronger and stronger the older they get. Eventually, they become so strong and healthy, that their bodies actually can't handle all the happiness and shuts itself down.
    You keep believing that. Elf Lover!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to write on this topic.
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