Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My dog loves phone calls...

I've always said that Australian Shepards are the smartest dogs around...

Sydney has always been aware of "people" things...

Like TV's, or sounds from the radio... & even phones.

I had my mom on the speaker phone this weekend & Sydney heard her voice.

Sydney loves my mom.

When we lived 3 miles from my mom, she would go over at lunch time & let Sydney out... & she would always bring over a Happy Meal from McDonalds...

... no wonder my Sydney has always preferred french fries...

But Syd heard the voice & she just kept staring at the phone & turning her head.

So we told her to talk to grandma...

& she did...

she'd just keep whining too

Isnt that pitiful?

Then when we hung up?  She ran to the kitchen window & kept staring at the back yard... that's where she looks when she knows its time for Ricky to get home ...

yes - she knows when its 5:00 too (no joke!)

But she must have thought that since her grandma wasn't on the phone, she was going to come in that back yard any minute... with french fries...

Don't tell me my fur-baby isnt like a real baby to me :)


  1. That's animal cruelty! Poor girl, teasing her like that.

  2. Fur kids ARE our kids. I'll back you up on that one 100%. :)

  3. Awww too sweet! I totally agree with you! Our dogs know when Keith is supposed to be getting home and will wait at the door for him...and we can't use the words Grandma or Grandpa much in our house or the dogs will bark and whine and get all excited thinking we are going to my parents' house!

  4. That is so cute; and what a beautiful dog she is!

  5. She is so beautiful!!!! I really want an Aussie but I'm nervous because I know they need to be highly active. Would a walk a day and a run with Garth be enough? Even if we're gone 10 hours a day?

  6. Ahhh....that is so sweet!! She is one smart puppy ~~
    Love you friend,

  7. Oh, my goodness...my heart just skipped a beat! What a sweet story about your precious pup! I've often said that dogs are like wise old souls...love them!

  8. Awww...that is too sweet! My girls don't pay any attention at all to people sounds. But they know what time it is: when it's 10:00 pm to go outside, and when it's 5:30 a.m. to go out. Unfortunately, they don't quite understand the whole weekend thing.

  9. Awww...this is so SWEET!!!! Fur babies are the BEST!!!!

  10. omg so cute. i love that!


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