Thursday, February 09, 2012

...In Hiding...


... I'm hiding...

...from germs...

I swear, I think they're out to get me.

It started with one co-worker... then another... & then another.  Next thing, the whole office has been running to the bathroom, holding their rear end and/or vomiting - only to go home & disappear for the next few days.

Know that our ladies room is only a one toilet bathroom.... great...

I have been walking around the office with my can of Lysol & my hand sanitizer.

No joke - I even put my hand sanitizer around my nose in case a germ tries to get up my nose.

Then, yesterday I get a call from The Hubs that he's not feeling good...

He came home yesterday  moaning & groaning.

I try to have sympathy... but when it comes to germs, I'm a "run for your life", fend yourself kinda gal.  I do try to help, but from a distance.  I'll make dinner - I'll ask how you're doing - I'll get you what you need & try to make you comfortable (by tossing a pillow or blanket at you)... but dont make me touch your head to see if you have a fever & dont ask me to touch anything you've touched.

And NOW... literally as I type this... my co-worker that started the whole germ around the office had to go pick up her daughter from daycare because she's sick...

what do you think is going to happen?  Round 2 in the office?

...geez... I hate flu season.

I'm trying to stand my ground.... with Lysol & sanitizer as my choice of weapons...

...wish me luck...

PS... for the record - this is how extreme my germaphobe is.  Friday, during our Children's Ministry event, the kids were tossing beach balls around.  Anytime any of the kids would toss them to me - I literally would do some amazing soccer move & kick it with my knees or feet & scream "GERMS" so I couldnt have to touch it. 

Kids + flu season + flying balls = Ninja moves for me


  1. I have been fearful too. I hugged some people at church who have since come down with this new germ-my thing! Ugh.I try to remember to use my hand sanitizer( keep one in my purse) ask me and i will share.After passing the plate and passing the communion I lather up.Steve and I both have had our flu shots and I really do think they help protect you.Keep sanitizing and spraying that Lysol Rebecca!

  2. Years ago, when my son was small, I lived with my parents and some other siblings. Everyone but my mom and me had stomach flu. She came to me when I was cleaning the toilet and I said, "Should we go check into a hotel?" She laughed and said, "It's probably too late."

    I replied, "It's like nuclear fall-out, it's here, but we can't see it..."

    Ha ha ha.

    Neither of us ever got sick--that time.

  3. I am not Anonymous, I'm Toni Harris.Sorry just thought I had everything covered.That's what I get for thinking!

  4. You are cracking me UP! Stay healthy!

  5. I think you and I were born from the same mother! I am the exact same way when it comes to germs! BLECH!!! Stay well, my friend!

  6. hahaha ninja moves. that is awesome

    i hope you don't get the stomach flu like everyone else. yuck.

  7. Um, you're kinda nuts!
    But when we all fall over from the flu, I guess you'll have the last laugh.


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