Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its February!!!  And Friday!!  Fantastic!  Fun! Fabulous!  Any other "F" words? You know the one I'm thinking of, right?  FRAG!!!!

Super Bowl Sunday is coming!  I'm only concerned if its going to affect "Once Upon a Time"... did anyone see who's the next character introduced?  None other then BELLE!!!!!  She even has on the gold dress! 
I was screaming when I saw the preview!!! 
So Super Bowl?  What Super Bowl?
I am sad though because I saw she's only on for one episode... if they ever need someone else to bring the character back, I'm available...

Did everyone see the video of Kristen Bell on Ellen?  Where she cried over that sloth?  First, I love that she wasnt too "celebrity" to show her weird side.  Second, I love that we're alike... we both have that kind of weird side.  She said, "I'm good when I'm between a 3 & a 7"  Anything above that or below that, she's crying.  That is SOOO me.  But no one wants to see my video of me crying... I also dont get a sloth brought to my house on my birthday.  So maybe we're NOT that much alike.
I ordered 2 new Bible Studies this week.  One from Kelly Minter & one from Beth Moore.  Now I'm just sitting by the door every day waiting for the mail man...


Proof movies mess you up?  I heard a Selena song on the radio & thought,
"Oh, its J-Lo" ....


Spat of the week:  Blow up mattress!!! ... We had tornados go through here a few weeks ago.  A few days after that, bad storms were forcasted to come in through the middle of the night.  So Ricky pumped up the blow up mattress & we slept in the basement that night.  If you're doing the math, then yes, that was evening was still a few WEEKS AGO!!! Guess where the mattress is?  Yep - still in the middle of the basement floor.  I've never touched that thing so I dont know how to deflate it...  & yes, I hear you.  How hard can it be?  But now, its just the point that that is one of Ricky's unspoken jobs - he blew it up - he can take it down - so I refuse to deflate it. 
And its not like he doesnt know its in the way - its right where I work out so every day that I dont run, I throw the thing on top of the couches - its straight up & down... not like its unnoticable.  Unless you think a big 8 foot being is just standing on the couch.  I'll let you know if/when it gets taken down.... or I just take a knife & pop it...

How can hair dressers make your hair so smooth & flat... when you buy every product they use, even the same flat iron... & you can NEVER get the same effect.  What kind of magic powers do these people have???


ummm... this is totally me...

except you miss the part of the picture where I then say my shoulder is killing me from being on the computer & Ricky standing over top of me yelling to "SIT UP STRAIGHT".... to which I say, "But I am"... perception is everything


Hope you all have a fantastically, fun, fabulous Friday, in February.....


  1. I saw the Belle character preview and INSTANTLY thought of you!! :)

  2. Ok, so first of all, I have been reading just not commenting. Bad blog friend, bad :(

    Second of all, Kelly Minter = Nehemiah?
    Beth Moore = James?

    I bought KMinter's on Feb 1st at my local Lifeway and LOVE IT!!! The cool thing about it is our church started a study on Nehemiah last Sunday. When I heard she was also doing a study on it and it was coming out on Feb 1st, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at the love of my God. I am an Old Testament loving girl, and to have two of my fav teachers doing the same series, at the same time, on one of the most interesting times in Jewish history, the exile, subsequent return to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the temple.....AMAZING!!! And so like my God doing everything in just the right time.

    And speaking of that, I've wanted to do the James study as well, it just hasn't felt like the right time. Hmmmm..... interesting. Let me know how you like it (if it is in fact the James study that you bought :)

    SOTW = Smile on my face!

    I love you girl. Sorry I've been a terrible commenter.
    I'm back to my standard of book-writing comments.
    Your welcome :)

    Have a Super Blessed Day,

  3. I hope Once Upon A Time will be on Sunday. I haven't checked to see.

    Your spats always crack me up.

  4. Is glad he is not the only person who cares not for a football game.

  5. Who will deflate that mattress? This is so exciting!!! You do know that this is a power struggle that has little to do with a mattress at all, right? I can't wait to see comes out on top. The suspense is killing me!

  6. I share your posture problem when using a computer. Then, I wonder why my back, neck, arms, and butt are all hurting. Not that I have changed my habits.

  7. I love the writing pictures. I'm sorry to say I look much more like the second one at the moment...

  8. my kids get that all the time "sit up straight"

    i am going to have to check out that once upon show. i love belle, i want to go see beauty and the beast in 3D so badly!!!

  9. omg was so mad that once upon a time wasn't on on sunday! can't wait for it this sunday. we watch it every week!


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