Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Then the Lord said to Cain, "Why are you angry?  Why is your face downcast?"
-Genesis 4:6

We live in a world where people seem to have it all together...

What? You dont have it all together?

I dont either...

but when I look around, it seems the more I dont have it together, the more people do.

I see other blogs & see the perfect wives
... the women with the perfect children
... the ones who are preparing these wonderful meals because they are the best cooks
... or have the most beautiful homes that they decorate all by themselves
... the people who have the best jobs in the world...
... or have the best running times
... are traveling to the best locations for vacation, a FEW times a year
... have the style of Kate Middleton & pull it off flawlessly

... & dont even get me started on those women that have those perfectly painted nails like on Pinterest... (Who can do that?  My cuticles have dried polish on them EVERY TIME)

Its easy to get caught up in it all & feel angry about it.... maybe a little envious.

Who doesnt want the best life?  Especially on days where you feel like you're just trying to get through.

Its almost like you want to stomp your foot & say, "That's not fair"

And then I was looking over the story of Cain & Abel.  Brothers.  Two different people - two different lives.  Not that one was better then the other, but Cain felt like Abel had it all together.

... & the jealousy, the envy, the anger all kicked in...

...that envy was the match that ignited a fury...

We see a perfect example of what anger & jealous does... a devestating ending.

I know thats an extreme example - but we see on the news every evening what the dark side of anger can look like.  And yes, its devestating.

I just wanted to remind someone today that even though you may see others lives 'so much better' then your own, you are valuable in God's eyes.  You are in the role you are in for a purpose.  You are in the life you are in for a reason.  And God is in it with you... showering you with blessings daily...

... find those blessings daily
         ... focus on them
.                .. see the amazing life God has given you
                         ... because He loves you & thinks you are THAT special
Source: elembee.com via Rebecca on Pinterest


  1. Such a great post and perfectly said my friend. Much needed today!!! As Valentine's is approaching, the greens always sneak up on me since I'm perpetually single and sometimes feel bitter about it. But God has other plans for me. And that is very exciting.

  2. Excellent lesson ... thanks for sharing that. ;-)

  3. Boy, did I need this, Rebecca! Oh, and I'm sure you were referring to me...you know...the perfect woman with the perfect husband and kids. It just has to be me, right? ;)

  4. This is a wonderful post. I just happened to come across your blog today for the first time. I needed these words so much. Isn't it amazy how God works in even the smallest of ways? Thank you so much for sharing.


    Once again your words struck me hard. Love this lesson and all the others you've shared before.

  6. Oh friend, what a great post!!!
    I Love You,

  7. I have to remind myself of this daily. In fact I was just browsing a style blog on Friday and started to get all sorry for myself because my wardrobe compared to hers was utterly boring. But you know what? I bet I can paint my nails better than her haha. So all that to say, we all have different talents and gifts and if we would just recognize that {often, not just once} then we'd be a lot less jealous. Besides, people put their best foot forward on their blogs most of the time, everyone has flaws, no one can have everything perfect in their lives. Even if you don't see it, it's definitely there. I hope I come across as REAL on my blog. I do tend to highlight the best of things, but I share my thoughts and fears on there too. xoxo


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