Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Roundup

* Friday was "The Backyard"(a childrens ministry event that happens every month) ... its always so fun to sing for a bunch of kiddos... they dont care if you are off key, sing the right words, the tone of your voice.  They just get excited when you jump, sing, & give them an opportunity to dance, shout & jump even more..

* I'm so glad "What would you do" is back on for another season... people amaze me & how they react to things.

* It was cold & rainy on Saturday, so I took to my treadmill for my run.  I just couldnt bring myself to get chilled.

* Speaking of runs, we're so proud of our girl... Julie did her first half marathon!  Even with the hip injury!  She's in Texas & its been overly warm & in a drought.  So why does the day of the race end up cold & rainy?  Because that's just the luck sometimes.  Here's the video of her crossing the finish line.  She said she looks horrible in it, but I think its the face of ACCOMPISHMENT!!! Look at how fast she's moving at the end of 13.1 miles!!!!  (She's the one in the pink that looks like she's running like someone's chasing to kill her) ... & then look at the end - her medal falls apart.  I'd be mad & making someone get me another one.  They did get it fixed though.

* I caught the end of "Step up 3" & what do you know?  The dance guy from Glee is on there.  Michael Chang.... I looked it up & saw he was in Step up 2 as well.  Dance on....

* went to a Saturday evening service with friends.  So different to go to a large church when we're familiar with small churches.  Cant imagine how many people it takes to volunteer to pull a service like that off.

*  went to dinner with friends & I got Cashew Shrimp.  Never had it before - & now its all I can think about.  More please.... & I mean that about the food AND the company for dinner :)

* I wore my purple scarf that my blog buddy Missy sent me a few years ago.  Everytime I wear it, I think of her & am thankful for the world of blog that brings people into your life.  She always says "Love your face" so this is me reminding her that I love her face too :)

* We had the biggest group for our Junior High Service on Sunday... it was awesome.  Lots of laughter, lots of familiar faces, lots of new faces.  My buddy, Joe, came to speak for the day & was glad to see so many got to have the advantage of hearing him.  He did a great lesson that worked in perfectly for Super Bowl Sunday.  ... it was great too because we played a game that had kids running to the garbage can to spit out crackers that were going to make them throw up.  Nothing like Youth Ministry.
* I thought I was doing good going grocery shopping on Sunday - thinking everyone was headed to Super Bowl parties.  Guess everyone had the same idea - it was PACKED.

* I love mustard potato salad from the deli ... I always open it as soon as I unload the groceries. 

* Do you see this?  Its my tulips blooming up... Do you remember what month it is?  Only February.  What is going on?  Spring flowers coming up in winter?  Everything is off balance... next thing?  We'll have snow in summer...

* Super Bowl?  What Super Bowl?  ... I literally didnt watch one second of it... & even forgot to turn it over to catch the Half Time Show...


  1. I like Madonna's songs enough, but the show itself was lame.

    We go to a fairly large church and usually on Saturday nights. Love Sat. night service for so many reasons.

    You do have a lovely face!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Girl, you look GOOD in purple!

    My tulips are poking up, too. Now they are calling for snow on Thursday...go back under, flowers, hurry!

    That video of Julie brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you have a great week, and are feeling better. Glad to hear that you ran a bit on your treadmill :)

  3. Julie looks like Wonder Woman crossing that line. Well, except she's not wearing tight pantyhose and calf high boots.
    And I love your face too!

  4. I didn't watch the Super Bowl, either...I could care less. I do enjoy seeing the commercials, however. The one with the overweight dog who went on a diet totally cracked me up! Girl...purple looks so good on you!

  5. I love the purple picture too - it's a really good one of you :)

    We watched up until halftime - I wanted to see the commercials. I love the Like a Prayer song so I enjoyed the show too.

    P.S. ok the word verification is "nuckerfa" - are you making me cuss on your blog? Ha!

  6. What a beautiful picture of yourself!!! Oh my, lovely lady, but you are glowing!!! Must be that vegan diet!!!!

  7. AWWWW girl!!! you are so sweet. you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture and i love that color on you.

    i love your face more. xoxo


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