Monday, February 27, 2012

Wekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup:  What happened, what I thought, what my weekend looked like...

* Got to enjoy some girl time at a coffee shop after work.  Always fun to sit & gab with girlfriends... No Chai Tea for me this time.  I checked out calories. YAZZHAA!  So I got Hot Chocolate with Soy.  Gotta be better.

* Started the frig cleanout... & by cleanout, I mean just taking off everything on the OUTSIDE of the frig!  Dang - Didnt realize how many magnets I had.

* Delivery of the new refrigerator was at 7:30 am (WHAT? Who delivers that early?... apparently Home Depot) so had to get up at 6:30 to clean everything out.  Take the frozen stuff downstairs to our other refrigerator & purge all the stuff in the frig.  Nice to throw lots away.

*IT'S HERE!!! I did take pictures - but didnt get them uploaded - but you'll see my new baby this week... I need to name her.  Any ideas of a name for my Stainless Steel piece of Beauty?  Maybe when I put her picture up, we'll be inspired for a good name.

* I've moved up on my Neurotin to 2 pills a day - we'll try that for a week & possibly build up to the 3 a day that he wants me to take... still? No effect on me though :(

* It was FREEZING Saturday - but I went running outside anyways.  In snow & wind.  The snow was nice.  The wind?  Not so much.  My lips are STILL wind burned.

* Finished my book - "150 Pounds"

* Ricky went out for dinner & was gone for like 2 hours, shopping at Walmart. I was STARRRVVINNNGGG by the time he got home.  On the menu?  Veggie Pizza.  I'll always go for that.

* Had Jr. High Small Group on Sunday... I love when we have small group.  We get to divide up & I love talking with a group of girls.  Giggles are infectious.

* Got to do an engagement session... it was beautiful weather.  Sunny & in the high 50's.  Just lovely!!!  My "assistant" got to go with me for the first time.  So glad she's working with me.  Made life so much easier & relaxed & she did a fantastic job.

 ... & the couple?  Stunning! 

There was a basketball game going on in downtown which we werent expecting so it made up move the location to a different area.  But it worked so well because I pass some places on the way to work I've always wanted to photograph & I finally got someone in front of a wall I've been drooling over...

Tell me how awesome this Green Wall is!!!

* So the editing begins.  I didnt watch one bit of the Oscars.  I will be in Edit-Mode all week.  Which is why I didnt up load the frig pictures.... why look at a refrigerator when you can look at beautiful faces instead.

Here's to a great week... we'll be having Spring Temps here so I'm looking forward to some nice runs!


  1. You take such awesome pictures! =D Not really thinking creatively this morning to come up with a name suggestion haha... I've heard of people naming their cars and even body parts, lol, but not fridges... So I'm super interested in what people suggest and what you'll come up with lol.

  2. That green brick wall is a gorgeous backdrop!

    I can't wait to see pictures of your fridge!

  3. That's a fantastic photo and I NEED to know where she got her shoes. Like seriously, can you ask her?! haha I'll eagerly await your reply. xoxo

  4. I want a green wall! Where can I get one?
    My vote is for Stella on the Fridge. So whenever you open it up and there's nothing there, you can yell "Stella!!!!!!!!!!", in frustration.
    By the way, are you sure your Fridge's a girl? I mean, how can you tell?

  5. That engagement shot is TOO CUTE! I love how she's diving in for a kiss with her heel kicked up high! Such a fun photo! Girl, it was so warm here yesterday, but COLD on Saturday. Bring on springtime...PUH-LEEZE!


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