Thursday, December 27, 2012

A lot better then skyping....

For Christmas, we used to have to ship all our christmas presents for the grandbabies in a box, down to Texas.

Well, here's the benefit of having them in Nashville - CHRISTMAS TIME!  So close!

Julie, Steve & the boys came up on Saturday.

Side Note - My Christmas present came in Saturday morning...

YESSSSS!!! A new dishwasher!  Isnt it the most beautiful thing?

Ok - back to grandbabies...

Saturday, we just relaxed, went shopping, watched a Santa Claus marathon on Family channel. 
I really love the Santa Claus movies.  Tim Allen is a great Santa...

But Sunday came & there was a knock knock on our bedroom door early.

The boys didnt pay much attention to the presents on Saturday, but I guess their elf, which had followed them from Nashville, told them the presents under the tree were for them.

& we had 2 excited little boys.

Time to rip into them.

I just love Isaac's smile in this picture. 
The first present of the day being opened.  Nothing like that excitement - is there?
Luke telling Pappy to hurry & get him one!

Luke was so funny because he would open one present & then want that out of the packaging to play with it... & then while he was concentrating on one package, Isaac was ripping through each one FAST.  So then Luke would want to go over & see what his brother had opened.  I think Luke finally finished opening like 2 hours into the beginning.

We coulda just put up the presents & gave him one every hour for the rest of the day...

I love how Bruno was right in the mix....
He's just like, "Can you put the presents down & hold me..... anyone?"

& the big girls had to stick with their daddy.
A lot of commotion makes them nervous.  Well, it makes Sydney nervous. 
It makes Buffy want to bark to tell them to throw something for her.  So she just lays down so she wont get in trouble.

Notice Zoe is no where to be found....
she HATES commotion more then anyone

She needs doggie Xanax

....Luke must have heard me say something about putting up his presents & that must have made him angry.... I dont like Luke when he's angry

This was the cutest moment of the day....

When we were in Nashville for Thanksgiving, on Black Friday we were in the Disney Store.  Isaac found this plane.  Its from Cars 2.... he just stood & stared at it... when Julie was taking his hand & leading him out of the store, he just kept looking back at it, not wanting to leave it in the store.

Ricky snuck back & got it.

Julie said its all he's asked for all Christmas long.
So when he opened it - his reaction was this... he just kept hugging it.
Remember feeling like that as a kid?  .... awesomeness....

We even got the boys a little 4 wheeler for them to ride in their back yard... Luke didnt care - he had a pile of presents till to play with.  & Isaac had his plane in his hands & looked up & said, "Pappy, this is still my favorite" :) 

But the BIG KID got a new toy too....

Julie & Steve got Ricky a Captain America shield...
this baby is HEAVY!!!

I love Isaac looking at it.

I need to get a picture of both Pappy & Isaac with their shields now
.... & they both make perfect "shield swishing" sounds

(I love this picture... Pappy & Isaac are buddies)

Then it was an afternoon of playing, fighting over toys, being sleep, cinnamon rolls.... & the dogs just wanting the floor cleaned off so they could lay down...

We went to Ricky's family later in the evening....
I need to check my other camera for those pictures...

& the boys left to go back home Sunday evening so they could get ready for Santa at their house...

I came home & saw what was left under my tree...

A blue hippo & a hot wheel's van...

Yep - boys were at my house

I like this kinda Christmas a lot better then Skyping it from Texas....


  1. That sounds like such a wonderful Christmas and I love the blue hippo and van under the tree in the end. Great pictures! Your grandkids are adorable.

  2. All the boys look blissfuly happy! It is much better to love and squeeze them instead of Skype. Although Skype is a great alternative if you cannot be together. I Skype with my niece, who lives 13 hours away.
    Oh, and I love how your doggies are smack dab in the middle. LOL

  3. AWESOME post!! LOVE the photos :D

    I love the one of Isaac hugging the gift- toooo stinkin cute :)

  4. Kids truly do make Christmas awesome, don't they?! Love the pictures!

  5. So much better than Skyping. Hugs are so much better in person =)

    These boys are the sweetest little blonde headed babes. Oh my, Ricky must be beside himself with the shield thingy ma bob. He will be swishing all over the house now!

    I'm so glad your dear ones got to visit. Speaking of Skype, well it wasn't Skype, but Facetime. My cousin Heather that lives in LOOville got an iPad for CHRISTmas, so we Facetimed on CHRISTmas. So much fun. It is nice if you can't be with the ones you love.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Beautiful day ~~ dawn


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