Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... Friday... Friday!!!
So, I'm at work... the Hubs is home
in bed
sicker then a dog :(
He had a fever of over 103 last night
I'm on germ-freak-out now
while trying to be a good wife/nurse.
Is it rude to walk around in gloves & a face mask?
Trying to keep healthy, I've taken a new addiction
Green tea with raw honey
& sometimes a dash of cinnamon
I read where honey & cinnamon helps with so much
plus green tea is very healthy for you
I've been downing like 4 cups a day
(Please Sweet Jesus - let it kick my immune system to overload)
10 days till Les Miserables!!!
Did you see that interview with Hugh Jackman on 60 Minutes?
I love when my friends look out for me.
I didnt know he was going to be on there, but got a message on Facebook from my friend Auburnchick with a link to watch it.
Especially the extra video where it shows more of Les Miserables


Its another Starbucks weekend of Buy one Get one on Holidays drinks
between 2-5
If you need that extra dose of energy to finish Christmas shopping


Anyone finished Christmas shopping?
We're definitely on the tail-end
I can make a list of the few things I need to pick up
.... light at the end of the tunnel...


So all the shows are going on winter break until January
What the heck am I going to DVR for the next 2 weeks?


Old Navy is DA BOMB on commercials
Have you seen the ones with the Grizwold's?
Beverely D'Angelo looks great
...Chevy Chase? looking a little aged there
I guess I noticed it because I've been catching the movie on ABC Family


Anyone else just leaving their tv on ABC Family for the 25 days of Christmas?

I was so mad...
I fell asleep in the middle of their new movie
"The Mistle-Tones"
Singing +Tori Spelling + One of the Tia/Tamara Twins = awesome!

HEY!!! I just found the whole movie online to watch!


 OK - so yes, I believe in Jesus
& yes, I believe what the Bible says
... no one knows the end of time...God is in control...
all that stuff
But c'mon... with all the talk of the Mayan's end of the world thing
was I the only one who was like "SAY WHAT?" when there was news
of a meteor that popped out of nowhere & was closer to the earth then the moon?

A tad freaky...

speaking of freaky...

Those Mayans were pretty smart apparently :)


To finish up my fragments for the week,
I'll send you out with a Steven Curtis Chapman song from his new CD
...I have a 6 disc player in my car & they all have Christmas CD's in them
... but his CD, I just repeat over & over...
good stuff!



  1. That Twinkie Expiration Date is a marvel. You have a keen eye to notice. Heck, I probably would've skipped right over that phenomenon without a 2nd glance.

    As for Les Miserables....whoa, be still my heart. Gotta love it. I too can't wait.

  2. I'm still chuckling over the pot of boiling water, though I don't imagine that guy with his hand in it is chuckling!

  3. Seriously, I'm pretty amazed you saw that date too!

    Les whole family is going Christmas day!!

    didn't know about Starbucks....thx!

    praying for your hubs!!! and you! :)

  4. I knew that there were going to be a lot of meteors last night, but I didn't know that there was one coming that close to the earth. Yes, that is freaky.

    I'm more impressed that you actually found a Twinkie. ;-)

  5. I SCREAMED (yes! SCREAMED!) when I saw the Old Navy commercial with the Griswold's and 4 of the Rusty & Audrey's!! Rusty & Audrey from the first movie, Rusty from European Vacation and Audrey from Christmas vacation. LOVED IT!!!

    And what's up with shows calling the hiatus a "Fall Finale"?

  6. Our Christmas shopping is done, thankfully! Although we still have to buy gifts for the pet "cousins."

    That Old Navy commercial is awesome!

    What? All the shows are on hold? Argh!!!

  7. OMG gosh, I think I've DVR'd every single Christmas movie on ABC Family!!!! 25 Days of Christmas is one of the BEST things about the holidays. And as cheesy as that movie was, I LOVED The Mistle- Tones, lol!!!!! :) :)

  8. This flu that is going around stinks. Here is some hope for you-my hubs had it and I didn't get it. Of course, maybe it was all the boiling water! Lol!!!!!!

  9. Glad to know the hubs is feeling better.

    That was my first Steven Curtis Chapman song. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

    And btw, that bugs-in-the-basement thing was CREEPY. Have you had any nightmares about it?

  10. How sad that I am only now getting around to reading this!! Thanks for the shout out and so glad you were able to watch that interview!!


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