Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday...

Not to Jesus...

that's tomorrow...

Today, its The Hubs birthday!!!

Yep - a Christmas Eve Baby

I can only imagine how that was growing up.
I can slightly imagine because my birthday is 5 days AFTER Christmas.

I never minded it
... but being ON Christmas Eve?
That had to bite a little.

So I try to make Christmas Eve all about Ricky's birthday.
Try to block out Christmas

(Did anyone see "Happy Endings" this week where Jane finally told everyone how she lied about her birthday for years because she was a Christmas baby - it was hilarious.. they had JANE-mas instead... without success)

its hard to even get out to eat because everything closes early on Christmas Eve.

But we try...

So here's to my amazing husband on his day

The one who puts up with my loud laugh, my roller coaster emotions, my lack of being a great housewife  - who just puts up with me

To the one who is a great grandfather & can keep up with the kids better then most people in their 20's

To the one who puts others before himself

To the one who has the most generous heart I know

To the one who still makes me fall in love with him when he skates

To the one with the most ROCKIN' hair I know!

To the one who works himself harder then anyone I know!!!

To the one who is gonna love sitting through Les Miserables very soon! ;)
(like how I snuck that in?)

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!!
Love you... old man! ;)


  1. Happy birthday, Ricky! Hope it's a great day...enjoy Les Mes :)

  2. thanks sweetie that was awesome love you too lots

  3. and can't wait to see that awesome movie

  4. Today's your birthday.....
    So happy birthday.....
    (I'm rockin' out in my head =)

    I hope it is smashing!!!!!

  5. Aww...happy belated birthday to the husband of my Bloggy Best Friend!!!

  6. You are SO sweet o "block out the Christmas" for you hubby!!!!

    I LOVE the rockin hair in the skating picture!!! Wish mine looked like that!!!

    Happy Belated birthday :D


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