Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bruno - Mr. Worm Dog

First of all, I'm so mad right now...

I'm doing this post about my Bruno in the vet this week & I had the cutest picture of him ... & as I went to send it to my computer so I could post it... I deleted it... UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

... this is proof my brain doesnt work before 9 am...

Anyways, some of you were wondering about my worm-boy after he threw up those worms this past weekend.

I took him to the vet & even took in a sample of the worms.

yes - when he barfed them up (isnt this fun morning conversation) we got a paper towel & scooped about 10 of the worms & put in a plastic baggie for proof.

That was fun carrying them in the vet's office

Luckily - no one was sitting in the waiting room.
If they were, I was thinking how I was going to have to try & hide them...
but I didnt want to stick it in my purse, or in my coat
& goodness knows I'm not smart enough to think of putting them in a Target bag or anything

...proof that my brain doesnt work after 4 pm either...

So they come in & check him out - take the worms in the back & I wait...

waiting is the worse...

I'm sitting there thinking, 'they dont want to tell me that my dog has aliens growing in his belly & I'm getting ready to see a reenactment of Aliens popping through his belly"

Who needs WebMD to freak you out when you have your own imagination

& insert picture I deleted.... my cute boy was so funny.  he was standing by the door to leave & kept scratching at it like, "can we please leave?  PLEASE?"

Then he started realizing there were other animals outside that door...
he'd put his nose under the door, smell them, then back up & start barking like a crazed dog.  Almost like he was saying "Dont you DARE come in here - I'm a huge 125 lb vicious dog"

his little vicious butt got put in place when the vet came back in with is rabies shot
... & he just kept crying for his momma to hold him...
(ahhh.... makes me feel wanted)

They also checked his body over & looked at his little skin tags that are growing...
then told me, "We dont want to offend your baby, but we call them "Old man warts""

... my baby has old man warts...
He's 9 years old
I just stopped for a second & thanked God that I dont have any Old Man Warts... yet...

As for the worms...

they said its nothing parasitic.  Nothing growing in his belly.
The vet said she'd never seen anything like those before so she went & asked 2 other vets... one of them said they look like tobacco worms. 
So apparently, he got some animal - probably a bird - that had ate the worms.

Its very "The old lady who swallowed a fly"...

So we left with no medicine needed... just his annual shots

& a stern talking from me about not eating any more animals... or bugs... or poop

Dogs... they just dont listen...
(& I'll refrain about comparing them to men... I'm refraining... really)


  1. Glad he's OK!
    (and no need to compare dogs to men--we all know. ha!)

  2. What is it about dogs eating all that stuff? I never understood it. But I guess they are dogs. There job is just to be cute and cuddly not smart.

  3. Glad he's okay...but you made me laugh at the end! lol

  4. Glad it was nothing! My two eat anything and promptly throw up, almost always on a rug instead of being considerate and waiting until they are on the tile!

  5. Yes, dogs surely do keep life interesting don't they? :D But I am thankful that he's okay. There's nothing fun about seeing something abnormal and worrying and worrying and worrying.

    Thanks for the laugh! :)

  6. this post is pretty funny :) I loved it. What a relief, poor guy!

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