Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrapup


* I was actually off work on Friday... so shopping, shopping, shopping - widdling down the list

* Kate Middleton's nurse killed herself?  Are you kidding me?  ... My conspiracy theory mind kicked in full gear.... but how bad do you think those radio people feel?

* I got to go to our Children's Ministry event & be the photographer for Santa!  It was precious!  I was setting up my gear when Santa made his 'arrival' in the sanctuary with all the kids... some of the kids mothers were in the fellowship hall getting the hot chocolate & cookies ready - the kids come BUSTING through the door & screamed, "MOM!!!!! SANTA IS HERE!!!! SAAAANNNNTTTAAAA ISSSSS HHEEERRRREE!!!!!" ... I have never seen pure joy on kids faces. 
(I dont have any pictures to share because I handed over my SD card to the Children's minister so she could print out the pictures... I'll have to remember to show how good Santa looked)


* Note to self - dont drink coffee after 6:00pm.  I woke up about 2am & couldnt go back to sleep for the life of me.  My sweet hubby heard me & rubbed my back to help me try & get back to sleep... no go... finally drifted off around 4am

* But BACK UP at 7:30 for more shopping... we traveled a bit for today's shopping - but it was worth it.  We got what we set out for & we just had fun being together on a road trip

* Finally got Ricky to try McCallisters since I found out they had Veggie Chili... Ricky liked it! YES!  A new place with vegetarian options!

* Home to wrap some... & sneak in a nap

* was able to catch up on DVR goodies... Raising Hope, Real Housewives, Scandal (GASP!!!)

* Glad I had that nap because we had another Christmas Party to go to... the Youth Christmas Party

* Silly String was the downfall of the Merge Christmas party... & poor Ricky was a victim.  The kids doused him GOOD!!!  Here it is hanging off of his cross.  We were picking it out of his hair for awhile.  I told him that he's officially 'in' ... if the kids did that to him, they must like him.  The equivilant of a little boy pulling a girls pigtails if he likes her :)

* We have the fish... we have the fish!!!!   This fish has been traveling the "White Elephant" circuit in our church Christmas parties for at least 8 years.  I had actually won it last year, but another kid wanted it really bad, so I traded for it.  So its appropriate that I won it this year.  Now, where to stick Billy the bass for 364 more days?


* Church time... Ricky got so tickled in church - it was great.  They showed a clip from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where the mom was yelling at the dad (The series is on marriage) & Ricky got to laughing because he said that was me yelling at him.  While the Pastor was praying, Ricky was holding it in, ready to BUST!  Everyone around us got tickled at hearing Ricky laugh... I love hearing him laugh like that more then anything in the world!!!

*    Small Group Time... found out 7th & 8th graders Christmas list involves iPhone 5 & tablets.  Today's kids.

* Went to lunch with our friends, or adopted family as I like to call them.  This is becoming a fun habit after church

* Tried out our new Chili's ... NOT a vegetarian friendly place.

* It was such a warm day... it was rainy though, or I would be out running.  It was perfect running weather.

* Starbucks... after 6:00pm again... you know what that means....
(I'm exhausted this morning... woke up at 1:00am & finally fell back asleep around 4... blah!)

Well - let's hope this week is kind to everyone ...


  1. McAllister's is one of my favorite places to eat!I completely missed Scandal this past season...I watched the first one & it was pretty good. Guess I need to get caught up on it, but I can't stay awake until 10:00 to watch it!

  2. Well, I've come to the conclusion that you never stop! Where, oh, where do you find the energy? Bottle it up and send some my way, will ya? It's been incredibly warm here, too...not feeling it! I's Christmastime! Shouldn't it be COLD? Getting tickled in church is just the best! I've had it happen to me many times over! Have a good one, my friend!

  3. That fish is awesome!!

    Our weekend involved a blizzard. Like, an actual blizzard, not the kind from Dairy Queen. After my commute this a.m., I'd much rather have the DQ treat. ha!

  4. We're having a white elephant gift exchange at our work party this week. I don't have anything to give away because I can't stand to keep stuff around. If I got the fish, I'd pay someone to store it for me...

    But still, it's too funny.

    Tablets and phones will get lots of use during the year, so in that way they're worth the investment. Hopefully they won't be obsolete by next Christmas! (Says the lady who is still okay with her iPhone 3!)

    Ellen/El from school (no students were part of the comment!)

  5. That was a very full weekend.

    Billy the bass is HUGE!

  6. We like McAllisters too!

    Our church's white elephant auction and church dinner is this Sunday. Fortuntely, we don't have a fish that big!

  7. Have you tried the Black Bean burger at Chilis? It is divine!!


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