Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tea Time

Yes... it was a miracle that I thought would never happen...
I gave up soft drinks...
Guess its been almost a year now...

Its funny to think how many I used to drink in a day & now when I see them, I think, "Oh my goodness ... do people know what's in them?"
... crazy how a mind can change about something.

And yes, I'm now addicted to seltzer water, which I've found out, not everyone thinks is all that yummy... & to give credit, it did take me awhile to build up a taste for it.
But in truth, it took me awhile to even get used to Diet Coke. 

But one day, Ricky & I were in the mall & saw this new place called Teavana...

The place where Tea & heaven meet, I assume.

They had a machine in the front with samples & I thought, let me give it a try.

It was one of the most delicious things I've ever tried.

So we walk in & BAM.... got introduced to the world of tea.

Not just tea, like tea bags like you get at the store.  I mean the
Loose leaf tea.
that you have to steep
that need special containers (tins) to keep them fresh
& how some citrus teas need even MORE special tins
& how you can combine flavors
that have real hunks of strawberries in them
& smell like potpourri... (dont know if that's good or bad)

.... I had no idea this world existed...

Next thing I know, we've spent almost $100 & we're walking out with 3 different kinds of tea & a tea set...

While we were excited about it, I was thinking how we were going to make these 3 tins of tea last, because while my Diet Coke bill would add up, I'm not about to spend hundreds of dollars on good tea.

& then, thanks to the wonderful Birchbox that I get every month, there was a sample of a thing called Mighty Leaf...

its amazing...
& I'm not getting compensated in any way, shape or form for this post

I'm just spreading the word

if you like tea, get this tea....
Seriously... GET THIS TEA!!!!

it takes away the tea pot, the loose leaf stuff you have to measure out, the tins, all the costly stuff

This tea is loose leaf tea & it comes in the most amazing silk-like package that you steep it in.
Easy to just grab one & take to work... & because its real loose leaf tea with real fruit chunks & herbs in it, you can actually use it for more then one cup.

& the best part?

have you ever seen how healthy REAL tea is for you?

That's incentive enough for me...

Are you a tea drinker?

Have you ever been to Teavana?

What's something simple that you do to keep yourself healthy?

How many of you say, Forget this... give me coffee?


  1. I'm a fellow former Diet Coke addict. I switched to tea ... however, I'm not a fan of hot drinks, so I drink my tea cold - on ice. I would assume that the benefits would hold true whether the tea is hot or cold, right? ;-) Thanks for sharing that information, I didn't know that.

  2. Not much of a tea drinker, actually. We went to Twinings when we were in London last year, and I got some samples for different flavored chai in the mail the other day. When I do drink tea, I still have to have the creamer in it, or at the very least, honey.

  3. Will drink a Chai tea once or twice a year, will drink a rootbeer a couple times a month and coffee...never. I'm pretty much a water and milk girl. You have peaked my interest though. Something warm in the winter besides hot chocolate would be nice.

  4. I have a soda about once every 6 months and when I do I think it just tastes AWFUL. Lately, though, my evening routine has been to have 2 graham crackers with a smear of pumpkin butter, along with a cup of Bengal Spice tea.

    I LOVE IT. It's like my "ahhhhhh....bliss!" moment of the day.

    Where do you get Mighty Leaf? Grocery? At the tea store? Online?

    (and I do still drink coffee. One cup. Every morning.)

  5. I'm a tea drinker...but it is good ole' Southern sweet tea for the most part! I do like good hot tea too! :) My BIL is a huge fan of all things tea related and Teavana is his fav store.

  6. I drink those packets you add to a bottle of water at lunch. Does that count? I do the Snapple Peach Tea.

  7. I don't like tea or coffee but I do drink Diet Coke. Maybe I should try this and see if I could learn to like it if it's that good for you.

  8. Congratulations on kicking the soda habit - I knew you could do it!!

  9. I love tea but I've never heard of Mighty Leaf. I'll have to check it out. I'm always up for trying a new tea. Especially one so highly recommended! :D

  10. i gave up soda too, don't miss it either. I'm a big water girl. I do love tea...so I will check out these teas!


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