Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time to get SMOOSHED!!!!

So I'm 40...

Just a few weeks days to being 41...

I went for my yearly exam with my OB/GYN yesterday.

First, I didnt realize, I have been with this lady since I was 21 years old.
That's amazing to me.
& for the first time yesterday, I realized how short she was. 

I guess I never stand that close to her, but she was showing me something to read on a chart & I was shoulder to shoulder with her... or more like shoulder to head with her.  I felt like a giant.

I guess when you're on your back with your legs in the air, you dont really notice someone's height.

I know - I've had past tales of going to the OB/GYN & teaching knitting while naked...
no such fun happened this time
I blame my Bicep Tendonitis for sucking all the fun out of my life

Instead of knitting, this is what I did for fun while waiting... take pictures

If you look closely, you'll see fun literature on the wall about Menopause...

& this is a good picture...
I wanted to take one in the mirror of me in this hot robe.
Afterall, I was having a good hair day
(you'd know that if you saw my Instagram pictures... my hair was TOTALLY AWESOMELY RAD throw back to the 80's)

When the assistant brought me back & went over the 'pre-prep' stuff, she said, "Are you still having your periods?"

(I guess I should have warned any guys that are reading... period talk... fun)

Then, when the doc came in, she asked me the same thing.

I told her, "I cant believe I'm at the age where you're asking me if I'm still having my period... I officially feel old"

She made me feel better when she said, "you've been with me almost 20 years & every time you see me, I always have been & always will be older then you"

I wanted to laugh & point & say, "HA - you're older then me!... you still having your periods?"

...I didnt though...

But then the moment of truth...
she sent me away with order for my first mammogram

Its time... 40 years old
I've got to make my appointment...
Time for my first SMOOSH...

I'm a tad nervous.
I guess because I always hear the horror stories of flat boobs

& I know, I know - its important to do & I'm going to do it

But seriously... please tell me my boobs go back to normal shape as soon as its over.


  1. No worries, they will bounce right back to normal right away! It's just an awkward position to hold for a bit, some techs are better than others. It's really no big deal, don't worry about. Just get it done without delay, make haste, call today!

  2. Yes, they bounce back to normal. ;-) And not, it's not fun - and even pretty uncomfortable, but it's worth it. ;-)

  3. My mum always says that these things are uncomfortable - but, definitely, totally worth it!!

  4. I always joke after the mammogram and say to my friends, "I got to 2nd base today with the radiographer!"

    It's a tad uncomfortable, but nothing that makes the experience horrible.

  5. I've had 8 of them now & my experience has varied from owowowowow (when I went at the wrong time of month & was REALLY tender) to meh - no big deal.

    Two years ago they saw something on my scan & I had to go in for followup tests (I was FREAKING out), but it was just cysts. Last year there was something else again & I decided to not waste any energy on worry. Turns out there was some sort of fold going on in the first scan. Yep - my fat got in the way of my mammogram. Sigh. This year's was clean though.

    I told you all that so you'll know not to freak out if you have to go for a followup :)

  6. It's not nearly as bad as you think it's going to be. A little uncomfortable, but not bad.

  7. No flatness, right back to perkiness =) Its a little uncomfortable, but please do it. I usually treat myself with a fancy cup of coffee and feel happy I did it.

    I love you girl ~~ dawn

  8. It's nothing at all to worry about. I'd rather have a mammogram than go to the dentist!

  9. Sadly, they don't retain any of that perk and go back to their normal saggy self after the exam! :-)

  10. I second what Karen said.

    Loved the photo, btw :)


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