Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hodgepodge Day... Thanks to Joyce for another week of fun questions & great link up... I've got some new great bloggy friends because of Hodgepodge day.  You can join in too.. just click the button above :)

1. So, when did you last take a walk in the woods? A stroll along the beach? A drive going nowhere in particular in the car?

I'm a runner... I do a lot of trekking to nowhere in particular... & luckily, I have beautiful wooded areas that I get to go through... even with the fresh smell of horse or cow poop.  jealous?

2.  Are you sending Christmas cards this year? About how many do you send? Photo card or something more traditional? How do you display the cards you receive?

I'm not sending cards this year.  I guess I stopped sending them a few years ago.  It just got a little crazy for me to send them all out, & on top of it, with my bicep tendonitis, I do good to use a pen during my work hours, much less write 100 envelopes.

I always like the photo ones, or the handmade ones (Heather, I'm talking to you!)... but I'm not creative for hand made ones & even though I'm a photographer, I've yet to get a good shot of me & the Hubs & our dogs for a card... sigh...

But I put my cards that I receive on my foyers, right next to my Mickey Santa... I save them as well, with a ribbon around them & the year they are from.  Its something to look back through the years & see the cards you got.  Especially the ones I have from my grandparents and aunts/uncles that are no longer with us.

3.  What's a word you've heard too much of in the past week?

"You're total is_______" .... Christmas shopping at is finest!!!

4.  December 13th is National Cocoa Day-are you a fan? Plain or flavored? Marshmallows or no marshmallows?

I cant ever make good cocoa at home.  Starbucks is the only place I like it.  Maybe its because it has that crack that they sneak in it? (I'm still convinced they have something addictive in their drinks)

Marshmallows.... gagging... no way!... gagging... hurl
Marshmallows are only acceptable when they're burned on a graham cracker with melted chocolate

5.  What is something you do to help alleviate the hectic pace of the Christmas season?

Exercise... right now, I'm dipping my toe in the yoga-pond... & its perfect timing.  Something that helps with breathing & stretching... a perfect Christmas stress reliever.

6.  Besides jewelry, what's a favorite sparkly-glittery item in your home or closet?

Right now, I have a sparkly-glittery mat on a side table that is gold... & it has my new little nativity scene on it... its beautiful... makes me think Jesus is on gold snow.  Its Jesus... anything is possible.  Even gold snow.

7.  Share a favorite line or two from any Christmas carol.
Which line to pick from "O Holy Night"... its all so good...but maybe my favorite is

Long lay the world, in sin & error pining
Till He appeared, & the soul felt its worth...

Chills... the soul felt its worth... chills...

Even more chills?  Josh Groban singing it!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
So I got stuck in traffic on the way home.  The bad thing about having to cross a bridge to get home?  you HAVE to cross a bridge to get home.  No other way around it.  & it was shut down to one lane.  Took me about an hour to get home.  So what do I do to waste time?  Take pictures with my phone... what did people do before smart phones?

Look how far the bridge is... & all the cars waiting their turn to get there


I hate sitting on a bridge where you can feel it shake & move.. yikes!


It was a good place to watch the sun set


  1. That line from O Holy Night always gives me goosebumps. That is one of my favorite traditional carols ... and when sung by the right singer can be breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. "O Holy Night" is one of may faves too. Is sitting in traffic and taking pictures like making lemondade?

  3. No one can belt out "O, Holy Night" better than Josh Groban, as far as I'm concerned! I've wanted to give yoga a try, many people say it works wonders!

  4. I hate waiting in line. I just remind myself that it's God's attempt to teach me patience. (Notice I said "attempt")

  5. I love that lyric and especially love the Josh Grobin version! I'm not a fan of swaying bridges either : )

  6. Oh my...the bridge shakes and sways? At least it is beautiful ;) At Starbucks I can get soy milk in my latte so I guess I can get it in my cocoa too ;) I love the idea of hanging past years cards :)

  7. Love me some Josh Groban. I hear ya on the Christmas cards - pared my list down to 30 this year. The rest can get over it ;-) Can honestly say I've never heard of a yoga-pond before today!

  8. Well, at least you got some great photos out of just sitting in traffic. But I feel your pain. And yes, sitting on a bridge feeling it shake and move is not a good feeling at all. Smores are great though! Now you're making me want one. :D

  9. I must me be defected lol I am not big on starbucks. Granted that could be from spending my younger days at a little corner coffee shop, I loved their caps.

    Oiy bridges! A huge fear of mine that I've been working on getting over for many years. Especially those with the grid like road where you can see through. I no longer tighten my seat belt and white knuckle grip either steering wheel when driving or the door rest. My fear stems from when I was kid seeing a car go off a bridge from water level.

  10. I love Groban! His "I'll be home for Christmas" makes me well up every time. Military people talking at the beginning and the end. Groban's xmas CD is my fav of the season.


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