Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Last Friday before Christmas!

So I took today off
& guess what?
I was up at 5:15 am
....that's just messed up...

But glad to be tucked in my warm house
because its about 20 degrees with 40 mph winds
& snow flying everywhere

Is the end of the world already supposed to have happened?
Well drats...
I guess I have to finish Christmas shopping now ;)
I watched the finale of X-Factor last night
.... never have watched any of it...
either season
That was the finals?
Wow... I wasnt super impressed with anyone
I will say I also watched The Voice finale
...didnt watch any of that till the end either...
(I'm finding that's the way to cut out all the nonsense)
I did like the winner
But I need to watch it next season just for the judges
CeeLo is hilarious... & really does have a great voice
Blake is awesome ... seems like an ordinary guy
Adam...I watch the one time he's shirtless - does that happen often?
Christina.... who doesnt love to watch a train wreck
So Ricky went to bed early
(he's still sick... my poor hubby)
& I thought, I'll watch a Christmas movie
This was on - "Noel"
Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

If you see it on anywhere - RUN
After the first half hour, I thought, it'll get better
then an hour in, I thought, I've watched half of it, its gotta have a twist & be OK
Hour & half in, I thought, I'm gonna be ticked if it ends stupid
At the end - I was ticked
It was just stupid
... & it had big stars in it...
Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Penelope Cruz, Alan Arkin
I need to watch Elf to get this stupid Christmas movie out of my system

Speaking of movies - only 4 days till Les Miserables!!!!!!


I've got to stop watching Anderson Cooper.
He's been reviewing the children & teachers every day whose funerals were that day

The little boy where the firefighters came & lined the streets
because this little one wanted to grow up & be a firefighter
...yeah, tore me up...

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

& did you hear about the little girl who fought to wear her new pink dress that day?
Her mother fought her & then finally gave in
She said she looked like perfect in her pink dress, pigtails & white boots
& then she said, "I realized that she wanted to look beautiful to go meet Jesus"
...yeah - I cry every time I think about that...


Pretty cool....
You forget about things in a year... 

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday


  1. I hadn't heard the story about the little girl. Heartbreaking. Sorry Ricky is still sick.
    Just read a review on "Les Mis"...they said it was awful, especially if you've seen it on stage. I haven't seen it, but was planning on sneaking away by myself to see it on Christmas.


  2. I like to watch a few stupid sappy Christmas movies this time of year - - - hubby runs away when I do.

  3. CeeLo and Christina won't be on The Voice next season. It will be Usher and Shakira.

  4. The events in CT are just heartbreaking. HEARTBREAKING.

    I'm so sorry Ricky is sick.
    I hope he feels better soon.

    I love you my sweet, sweet friend ~~ dawn

  5. Hope Ricky feels better soon.

    I enjoyed the video. I had forgotten so many of those things.

    My oldest can't wait to see Les Miserables. I plan to go with her. I really don't know anything about it, but I guess I'll find out. :)

  6. Just reading your comments made me tear up. I just can't watch those interviews and things. I can't handle it. I am already hovering over my children a bit. Being thankful for my moments with them and leaning on God for my peace.

  7. Man, I think I wanted to watch that one! Thanks for helping me not waste time! :)

    The stories all make me cry every time. I hadn't heard that one about the little girl in pink, but it's precious to know her mama knows she's with Jesus!

    Celo and Christina are not going to be on next year and I'm afraid I won't watch. I like the panel of judges just the way they were......well, they could have scaled back on the bad language!

  8. I know...the Newtown stories are almost too much. Our hearts can only bleed for so long. I had not heard the one about the girl in the pink dress. So touching. Such beautiful little kids....all of them. They're will God now, and will never suffer again.

  9. I hadn't heard the pink dress story--I'm glad that mom gave in :(

    Just watched a movie critic's review of Les Miserables--I guess the singing was all done live-on set, instead of recorded, and he hated it. He said the singing was terrible. Hopefully, your review is better :)

    Hope you got your shopping done! Have a wonderful Christmas!!


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