Monday, December 03, 2012

Weekend Wrapup


* Weekly trip to the grocery... & the Hubs has made it his usual stop on the way home so he can load the groceries up for me & we can get a Starbucks.  Makes me smile :)

* Got a White Chocolate Mocha for some energy for the night... needed it because it is WRAPPING TIME!!!

* Loving my paper this year... its double-sided.  I love both sides.  I tend to go with the polka dots for the ladies gifts... but the red/green side matches my tree.  Decisions, decisions

* "Say Yes to the Dress" kept me company during Wrapping Session #1

* Finally had to stop around 11:00.... just sat for a bit looking at our tree.  I love the glow of lights late at night... (color pictures are going to come when there is a Christmas Tree Sharing post)


* The Hubs had to work, so I woke up with 4 dog faces waiting for me to get up to keep them company.  Actually had one dog WAKE me up.  Bruno was sitting next to me, looking at me right in my face, taking his paw & hitting my face.... who taught him THAT?

* Wrapping some more... went through my stash to find boxes & came across these little cuties that I picked up last year from Hobby Lobby.... I cant wait to make some cupcakes now.

* It was so warm - I had to take advantage of it - went for my first 5K run in awhile.  My back did decent.  Even got sun on my legs. 

* Got home & got caught up in the movie "Ransom" with Mel Gibson & Renee Russo... man, that movie is crazy intense.

* Dinner time.  I got an Avacado Salad.  It's supposed to have chicken on it.  No meat for me - so I ask them to just put the chicken on the side... in a to-go box.  Makes it nice to take home for the dogs.... they're happy.

* Christmas shopping at 8:00pm is pretty nice.  Target was pretty empty.  I guess all the cool people are doing better things on a Saturday night.  Fine with me - we felt like we had the whole store to ourselves.

* ELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First "Elf" viewing of the year... & I still laugh like its my first time seeing it!


* Church time... It made my heart smile to see 3 young ladies from our youth group get up & sing "Where are you Christmas?" ...  like angels singing... love these girls!!!

* Our Youth Pastor took this picture of all of us doing a Karate pose... fun!  He took a similar picture 2 years before.  Fun to see some of the same faces... & new ones in there too (mainly, the Hubs!)

* Went to lunch with Ricky & Chasity & then he headed out skating while we ladies went to the movies... BREAKING DAWN!!! Finally!!!!

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

* thoughts on movie:

   * Computer animated babies freak me out
   * Bella actually looked more beautiful... which is saying something because I dont care for Kristen Stewart
   * I still laugh like a 13 yr old kid in 'sexy love' scenes
   * I gotta re-read the books
   * I was thinking the one vampire that was all "I'm going to the attic" was going to have a bigger role somewhere... he just disappeared in the big battle scene
   * Charlie... the best dad
   * The little girl that played the REAL Renesmee (not the computer animated scary girl)... she is such a beautiful child!  No wonder they picked her for the part of Edward's child!
   *  The cottage in the woods was exactly how I pictured it
   * Was the one vampire that was "I didnt like the first British invasion" -guy - is that the same guy from "Pushing Daisies"? ... I liked him... glad he & "electric-vamp" ended up together :)
   * The big surprise ending?  I gasped!  I knew something was coming that wasnt in the book (I keep hearing everyone say that...) but I had no idea it would be THAT intense.  I said the following things, "I'm going to get sick"... "THAT'S NOT IN THE BOOK!" ... "I'm getting dizzy".... "I'm REALLY starting to freak out now!!!!!"....but the best of it was in the end, where a lady behind us yelled, "WHAT THE F&#(?" ...she seriously did!   Chasity & I just started laughing.  I have to say, it was  nice tension reliever.
   * Alice's end vision with Jacob?  Made me remember why I love happy endings for all
   * The end montage made me teary eyed
   * I left the theater with a SPLITTING headache!!!!

* We stopped at a local health food store to get some Raw Local Honey... they have these vegan pies that Ricky & I usually get.  We picked up two, I paid - got in the car & looked at the receipt. They were $7.95 a piece!!!! WHAT?????  It cost more for these pies then to go to the movies.  .... & they were HORRIBLE... I was sick after I ate it.  That was disappointing!

* Home for the "Once Upon a Time" Winter Finale.... Oh Captain Hook... why do you have to be so good looking, but so bad... but so kind underneath it all?

* I was EXHAUSTED... fell asleep with the sounds of Sister Wives complaining in the background...

Now - onto another great week!!!!


  1. You're exhausted? am I after reading about all you did! Where do you find the energy? Yeah...those Sister Wives chicks just can't be happy here lately, can they? But...I continue to tune in every week. Abby and I watched "Elf" on Saturday night. That movie never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit! If that B/W shot is any indication of how pretty your tree really is...I can't wait to see it in color!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous. It was a Christmas movie weekend for us too..... Watched ELF and The Grinch!!! :)

  3. You sure do love your Starbucks!
    I haven't seen Breaking Dawn part 2 yet. I heard it was different than the book.

  4. I love that wrapping paper!

    It is SO cute!

  5. Can't wait to see your tree in color!

    I got our gifts all wrapped ... and then found one of that one of them is a duplicate, so I had to unwrap it and order a replacement.

    Target wasn't crowded here at 8:00 this morning ... if I could guarantee stores would be like that, I might actually do my shopping in stores rather than online. No, I wouldn't. ha!

  6. ELF is HILARIOUS! My favorite scene: when he's in the bathroom (Jovie is in the shower) singing "Baby It's Cold Outside" and she yells at him to get out; he runs into the stalls! SOOOO FUNNY! :)

  7. I laughed at the end of your post, when you said that about the sister wives! As busy as you were this weekend, you could have used a couple of "helpers"

    Love the wrapping paper, although I confess I am all ov the gift bags! I am a horrible wrapper!

    Love the girls singing at church! sweet a husband is that meeting you to load the groceries!?

  8. Just reading about your weekend makes me tired. Love your Christmas wrap. Haven't seen the movie, but then I haven't seen any but the first one. Didn't read the books either. I just couldn't get into the first one. I tried.

    For some reason, I didn't watch Once Upon a Time this season. In fact, I missed the last 2 or 3 from Season 1. Guess I really should catch up on in one of these days.

  9. Love my Once Upon a Time!!! Good always wins.


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