Thursday, October 10, 2013


I just heard this morning about Diana Nyad attempting to swim for 48 hours to raise money for Sandy Victims....

I've been hooked on the live feed all morning watching her finish it out

48 hours of swimming?

Oh my goodness...

My body just aches thinking about it.

Can you imagine doing ANYTHING for 48 hours?

I don't even think I can sleep for 48 hours

I could probably do something Disney or Belle related for 48 hours... that may be it...

Think about it....What is something you can do continually?

God tells us something we need to be doing, not only 48 hours, but at all times...
Study this Book of Instruction CONTINUALLY.
Meditate on it day & night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it.  Only then will you prosper & succeed.
-Joshua 1:8

I think that seems like too much of a task to do sometimes too, doesn't it?

Does that mean I have to walk around with a Bible in my hands at all time?
Do I need to have ear buds in with the Bible on tape & that be the only thing I listen to?

I don't think that is the extreme we need to go to...

but I think its a point God is making for us...

Keep our heads, our hearts, everything about us in the Word of God.

Get to know it
Read it
Learn to live it

I read a story about Billy Graham's mother, Morrow Graham & how they made scripture a part of their life.

Simple ways of it really....

At breakfast, they would read a scripture calendar
They prayed before each meal
They would memorize verses as a family
They would gather at night before bedtime & read a part of the Bible & then have prayer as a family before everyone was tucked away

That's not really drastic measures... something that is doable...

But its all keeping the "book of instruction" close.
Its not about doing something that seems so far out of reach, like swimming for 48 hours... in which I wouldn't be able to move for the rest of the year...

its about living a life getting closer to Him

& I love that the verse even reminds us, WE'RE the ones who get blessed... "then you will prosper & succeed"...

A win-win situation...

& no chlorine hair & sore muscles involved!


  1. She HAS to have bathroom breaks, especially at her age. Just sayin'.

  2. I heard about this and was like WOW!! Very inspiring!!!

    I love this post and the truths within. I LOVE that verse out of Joshua.

    Hugs my friend ~~ dawn

  3. I just watched her on OWN with Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. I can't imagine swimming that long but like you I might be able to something like Disney for that long!!

  4. I couldn't imagine doing that for 48 hours!


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