Monday, October 21, 2013

Puppies & weddings...

That doesn't sound like a bad weekend at all, does it?

Here's some highlights of the weekend

* We met the awesome lady that drove down to Lexington Thursday to rescue this little puppy ... she handed him over to us... & you could see butterflies, rainbows & unicorns floating over out heads.  Instant love.

Our Gotcha Day....

* We took this little fellow over to the park & played with him, letting us get used to him, letting him get used to us... which took all of 0.4 seconds. 

* Puppies attract attention.  Sitting in the park, we had all kinds of people walking by, "Can we pet your puppy?" ... Puppies can help World Peace... I believe that

* A name... how to come up with a name.  We asked all the strangers that were coming by & they all agreed on the one Ricky wanted.  Harvey Dent.  If you're not a super hero fan, that may mean nothing to you, but Harvey Dent is "Two-Faced" in Batman... & since this puppy turns his head & one side you see ONLY white & the other mostly Black, Ricky wanted Two-face.  I said we're not naming him a villain's name... so we went with the good side of Two-Face...

The ironic thing with this Two-Face?
... I wanted to call the puppy Chance because he got a second chance with us ...

* With those puppy teeth already destroying a few pairs of shoes & socks, maybe the villain name would have fit....

* The new home reunion went as expected.  Zoe went & hid, but she hides 90% of her life anyways... Bruno was Mr. Bully saying, "I'M the man of the house"... & Sydney could care less.  But that's exactly what she's done with every new addition in the house.

Oh.... just be prepared... for the next few months, you'll probably see nothing but puppy updates & puppy pictures

* I had a wedding Saturday... & woke up to rain & temps that were about bone-chilling... yippee!!!!

* I love a laid back bride & groom... the bride literally just kept her black ugg boots on all day long & wore them in the ceremony.... the most comfortable bride ever!

* So, the wedding was at a beautiful orchard ... outside... you'd think it would be breathtaking, right?  It ended up being PITCH DARK!  They scheduled it earlier in the year not thinking of time change... AND they had family coming up on a shuttle bus from Ohio & the bus broke down!!!!!!!!!!!!!... it was pretty much all of the guests... so we had to wait.  So we did an outside wedding at 8:00pm... in 50 degree weather...
Did I not tell you?  There were NO LIGHTS OUTSIDE EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was actually funny... the bride & groom didn't care... it was a great service & they ended up married... all about that anyways
Here's a picture of what it looked like
... no... your computer is not messed up
... it was really that dark!...
(No... this isn't really my picture - I got great pictures)

* Just a side note - to tell you how dark it was, the flower girl was afraid to walk down the aisle because it was just a black straight way, that you could hear people ohhh & ahhh on the sides.  I'd be freaked out too.
AND, the groomsmen?  In their picture, the moon is right over their shoulder shining down... a night time wedding.. that was a new experience

* Chasity obviously had to be out of town for this wedding with the loss of her sister in law so I had my husband & my nephew step in.  Cool to have back up... but nothing like having Chasity.  She can read my mind by me just looking at her.  I think its girl power.  My husband can read my mind too, but that's not usually a good thing when I have to give him a 'look' :)

* I was on my feet at the wedding for about 13 hours... don't tell me wedding photography is easy... people have NO IDEA how hard it is on you.  I always read, the wedding photographer is the ONLY person who is working the entire day.  Caterer?  Just for the reception.  DJ? A few hours.  Florist?  Drops off the flowers & goes.  Cake decorator?  Same thing, drop off & go lick the icing that remains... wedding photographer?  With the bride & groom all day long, doing everything - counseling, seamstress, gopher, comedian (gotta make 'em laugh in pictures), comforter when the nerves hit, decorator... it really is a unique job... good thing I love it. 
My feet may not like it too much though.
My low back DEFINITELY doesn't love it.

* We took Zoe & groomed her ourselves Sunday after church.  I think we did a pretty darn good job this time... not without some spats of, "you're doing it wrong - give me the scissors"... Zoe got a new sparkling pink collar out of it.  Poor baby was exhausted & slept the rest of the night

Oh dang... that ONE hair in her eyes... I gotta snip it

* Loving on the puppy!  I kept Harvey up from 5:00 - 10:00 so he would sleep through the night.  He was getting so frustrated with me.  Its my job to bother everyone when they're tired.

* Bonus: This morning when I left... look at these two...

I hate leaving my fur babies...
especially because Harvey get's crated until he can learn the ways of potty training
AND not chewing every thing that is below waist level

BONUS BONUS... video of our cute little boy...


  1. Harvey is such a cutie!! Our next door neighbor has a new golden retriever puppy, so between seeing him and seeing Harvey, I've got some serious puppy jonesing going on! ;-)

  2. So cute! I don't do puppies for the same reason I don't do kids so I admire your patience with the chewing!

  3. Congratulations on Harvey and what a great name! He is adorable. Sounds like a busy weekend and what a trooper that bride was. I get tired photographing at places like Disneyland, I can't imagine how exhausting it is to do a wedding.

  4. precious sweet puppy! congrats on the new family member!

    that wedding sounds like a nightmare! i'm glad the bride and groom were so laid back. I'm so type A - I probably would have cancelled LOL!

  5. Oh my goodness! That video is adorable! What a cute little puppy. And I totally laughed out loud at the black picture of the wedding - glad they were relaxed about it all :)

  6. Today's Puppy of the Day is Harvey Dent & I just spent the last ten minutes trying to remember where I'd heard that name recently - ha!


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