Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday


{One} Glee

Oh my goodness... anyone else sit through the sadness?  I knew it was going to be sad, but I didn't realize HOW sad.  (I'm slow on things)  You could tell the emotions were so real.  Seasons of Love gets me every time....when Santana broke down crying in her song... when Sue started crying... when Rachel popped up in the hallway... when she sang (oh my broken heart).... when Mr. Shue just lost it at the end...
I was emotionally drained at the end of this show....
I'm headed to iTunes today to purchase some of these songs.

{Two} FitBit

Its not a secret of my relationship with my FitBit... its love... true love.
Its what keeps me motivated, keeps me moving, makes me march in place at my desk 6 times a day (its true)... but they're coming out with a new one.  The FitBit Force!!!!  I'm intrigued.  This one stays on your wrist instead of your hip & it has all your info right there to look at.  That's why I didn't care for the FitBit Flex because you had to have an iPhone to see your stats.  This one has it all...
But I'm curious... I wonder how it can tell movement from the wrist better then the hip.  I mean, I move my hands a LOT more then my hips & legs during the day, with work & just plain being an Italian who talks with my hands. 

Talk with your hands much?
Everyone tells me that I would be silent if my hands were tired together

I wonder if its accurate.  I know my FitBit One is VERY accurate.  I'll take steps all the time & see if it matches... it does... I'll have to check this one out though & see what everyone thinks.

{Three} Sea of Tranquility

Just finished a book yesterday that another blogger was talking about & recommended.  Its definitely not a book I would think I would love (it has quite extreme language in it) but I was so hooked with these characters & the story.  I think I let big sighs out at the end of most chapters & then couldn't put the book down to go to the next one.  Sometimes its good to read outside of your ordinary book reading box.  Now, today I'm kind of sad that I have left those characters behind.  I get attached to my friends who exist in books.
Side Note:  PLEASE make this into a movie!
Side SIDE Note:  I'll have my review up on Goodreads today & also on my Book Blog (Link is at the top)

{Four} Poopourri

Yes, it really exists...
Yes, I actually bought some
Yes, I'm thinking of giving it as Christmas gifts to all my co-workers (We have one small communal bathroom in the middle of our kitchen)

{Five}Celebrity News

* OK... I must be naïve because I really was shocked to hear about Bruce & Kris Jenner... & it actually made me sad

* Did anyone see Miley Cyrus on Ellen?  I think the girl has it together more then anyone thinks.  And yes, I actually downloaded songs from her new album.  I love "Wrecking Ball" ... gotta give it to her, the girl can sing

* I think Jimmy Kimmel is incredible awesome the way he handled himself with Kayne West & that whole mess... & I think Kayne West has major issues.  When he was on the show, I didn't understand 85% of what he was saying.

* What is the rumors of Prince Harry being engaged soon?  I didn't give my approval to him... this can't happen yet.


  1. A friend posted on facebook that she was flipping channels and saw the Poo-porri sold on QVC!!! WHAT?!

    I heard the Princes say in an interview a while back (well before Will was engaged to Kate), that they will share information that they know is false just to see who their true friends are. Makes me wonder if this "insider" was a person who was trying to be friends with Harry and in turn, Harry was trying to see if he/she was trustworthy by making up this story. A bit of a stretch, but I feel bad for the guy. He can't even go out on a date without everyone saying "He's in love! He's getting married!"

  2. Ellen doesn't come on here until 11:00; I refuse to watch it today because Miley is on.
    CH showed me the commercial; he thought it was funny, I thought it was disgusting. Which is really strange because (being 3 boys' mom) I usually find those things funny. Hormones. Yep, that's what I'm blaming it on!

  3. I really like Miley's song, Wrecking Ball! There was an a capella version of "We Can't Stop" on Jimmy Fallon.

  4. much to say about this blog post :)

    First, dang it...I missed Glee. I stopped watching a while back when I just felt like they were pushing the envelope a little too much...but I really wanted to catch this episode...even though I will cry through the whole sad. I will see if it is On Demand. Thanks for the heads up.

    Second, FitBit...I asked for one for my birthday. I am so glad you gave a mini review! I need to research and check it out to see which one to get.

    Third...the book! Adding it to my list! I was so attached to the characters in The Kitchen House that I felt like I had lost part of my family when something bad happened or when the book ended :( I get it!

    Fourth...Poopourri...I am almost embarrassed to admit that I just bought some of the male version called Trap a Crap (yes, that IS what it is called). My husband saw the video and thought it was so funny...well, when I was out with my girlfriend on our girls trip, they were advertising it in the window. I just had to get some for him. And let me tell you...IT WORKS!!! I haven't used it personally yet, but he uses it and it is amazing...he is so happy (and so am

    Have a fabulous weekend! Love to you!!!!


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