Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday... VLogging it like a Boss! BAM!

Look at me... combining my two favorite Friday events...

& yes, there's my face & voice after so many years of blogging...

Blame Ashten & her Vlogging movement...

Always Ashten
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... or at least check them out...

I learned a few things doing this...

1. I need a mic - the sound quality is awful
2. Put my computer higher - my chinS look horrible at this angle
3. I say 'mmm' a LOT
4. I still don't know where I'm supposed to look
5. Started off hard, but the more I talk, the more comfortable I got... I could get used to it...
6. And yes, like an amateur who doesn't know what I'm doing, I went to 'trim' the video in YouTube & I cut it too short so it just randomly ends... da-ta... my media skills at its finest!

so drum roll..........welcome to my VLOG

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3.  William & Kate
4.  Age spots
5.  Grandbaby is a ......


  1. Rebecca. You are so precious on camera: this vlog made me love you even more. This was such a great video! I love your 5 on Friday! What a great idea! Love the crosses in the background!

    Congrats on all your medals! You're a boss!

  2. Love your vlog and love your hair! You have a great voice for vlogging. I'm going to check out the virtual racing stuff. Very interesting.

    Love Harvey...he is adorable!

  3. You do have a great voice for vlogging! I really didn't like my voice when I vlogged last week...

    And I LOVE YOUR PUPPY! So cute!

  4. Ahhhhh you are so cute!! I love, love this idea (for you :) I actually have heard your voice before but it was during your zombie run, so really it was only frantic screaming. hahaha (I was just talking about that video last Saturday when we did the color run. you should post it again. Made me laugh so hard!)

    Anyway, great job! Can't wait to see AND HEAR more!

  5. All I can think: YOUR SWEET SOUTHERN ACCENT. (and your amazing wall of beautiful crosses)

    You are precious and another grandbaby boy makes me so excited for you! :)

    I vote you wear all of the medals in a future vlog just to show what a BOSS you are! :)

  6. Love the crosses, Rebecca!
    ...and the vlog
    ...and your accent
    ...and the puppy!

    What breed is Harvey?

    Congrats on your first vlog!

  7. Too dang cute!! I never imagined you with a Southern accent!!!!

    You did great!!!

    BTW, congrats on the soon-to-be grandson!!! At least you'll get to buy more super hero stuff!!!

  8. That was great! Love your accent - sounds like home :)

  9. You are too cute! I didn't realize your hair was red! You did a GREAT job!!! :D

  10. I commented before I watched the whole clip! Harvey is sooooo cute! I just want to squeeze him!
    About the dark spots: At one time, I used something that the dermatologist prescribed. The good news: it worked! The bad news: 1 tube was about $90!!! YIKES!!!


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