Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday


{ONE} Fostering

Today at 4:30, Ricky & I become foster parents...
to that little fur-face above.
A fellow running buddy is a huge Australian Shepherd advocate.  She works with rescue centers to help save them.  She currently has a house full of Aussie's... I fall in love with all the pictures of her babies.
She got in touch with me yesterday morning & said, "Can you help?"... this baby is 3 months old & was going to be put to sleep in 2 days if no one took him.
How do they put down 3 month old puppies?  I don't understand...
He was in Lexington, KY... I was headed to Dale, IN for a funeral...
But my friend said she'd go down & get him ... which she did... & I pick him up from her today after work!
We're supposed to only have him for 2 weeks...
I'm laying money that Ricky & I fall in love & this puppy won't be leaving our house
That's my wish anyways... send us good vibes that this puppy loves us & our other fur babies...
& it makes me want to spread the word on Animal Rescue Fostering... save these babies
{TWO} Respect
We went to the town my dad grew up in yesterday.
Our cousin died.
It's such a small town.
They have a hardware store, a lumber store (which I'm not sure was even open), a taxidermy store (which every small town needs) & two places to eat - a Subway & a Mongolian BBQ Buffet - WHAT?... random...
When we left the church to go to the cemetery, the cars coming from the opposite way pulled over to the side of the road & sat & waited for the funeral procession to pass by.
Respect is something that takes my breath away when I see it
... it doesn't happen as often anymore...
{THREE} Book
This just came in the mail yesterday.
I'm SOOO excited to read it.
I think Jefferson Bethke's way of thinking is amazing.
Hoping his book reads as fantastic as he speaks.
Think you don't know him?  You probably have heard him & not knew his name


{FOUR} Obamacare

Anyone else lost & confused?

I've been very vocal here through the years how much I LOATHE health insurance, being self insured for the past 5 years.
I got a notice from my health insurance company saying my policy has been removed due to the new Affordable Care Act.
They offer something similar, & surprise, its more expensive...

So do I look up insurance through the Obamacare program & see if its cheaper?
If I get it, will doctors not see me?
Will I get shunned because I use it?
Is it best to pay more & stay away from it?
I need answers...
I don't understand except I know I keep paying more for less

{FIVE} Wallets

Does anyone carry a real wallet anymore?
I can't find them.
They all are just small things to put credit cards or cash
Nothing to hold change
& DEFINITELY nothing to hold a check.
A check?  What's that?
I use a debit card so I like to write it down in a check register as soon as possible. 
But find a wallet that lets you hold a check register.

Am I just dating myself?
Do all the cool people not carry a REAL wallet?

When I pull out a huge wallet & everyone else has a slim hand sized money holder


  1. The Obamacare program is a pain in the tush even for those of us with insurance. I'm having to prove that my husband is eligible to be covered through my (paid-for-out-of-my-retirement-check) insurance ... IOW, I have to prove that he's my husband. Otherwise, they'll drop him and he will have to go get his own coverage from the Obamacare program. Proving that he's my husband should be easy, you'd think, right? No, I have to order an official tax return transcript from the IRS (no, I don't know what that is either, but I guess I'll find out - ha!) and provide a copy of our tax bill (as long as it has both our names on it, which thankfully it does). Thankfully they've pushed back the deadline to December 6, thanks to the shutdown. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to meet that deadline ... who knows how long it will take the IRS to get around to sending me (and who knows how many others) our transcripts. Ugh!

    Good luck with the pup!

  2. My experience of living across the hall from an Aussie puppy is that they are HIGH ENERGY dogs. Beautiful, but definitely need to be exercised & entertained to stay out of trouble.

    Interesting about the wallets - maybe you should check out some Vera Bradley options. They seem to have a wide variety of wallet selections.

    I don't think it could hurt to check out the options available under the Affordable Care Act. Of course, I'm a Democrat who is hoping against hope that this watered down version of "socialized" medicine helps some people. ;)

  3. Hope you all love the pup!!! Need to see lots of pics!

  4. Here in MN they have been doing a LOT to educate the public about the ACA (aka Obamacare). From what I've read and understand (which isn't much), everyone is on the same playing field regarding care, visits to clinics/hospitals, etc. It has been frustrating for people to set up an account due to the system being so overloaded (you have to set up an account first, then you can get in to "shop", and then your information is passed onto the insurance providers). But, from what I've read, people have been getting great rates and coverage. So, don't give up hope!! :)

    And I have a wallet you'll like! I had a Very Bradly "zip around" wallet, and loved it. But 4 years later it has seen better days (that sucker has been WELL used). I just ordered a wallet through Thirty One. It's a zip around wallet, with a change space up front AND it has a check book slot. I LOVE IT. If you want details, shoot me an e-mail. I'll send you the link to the one I got.

  5. YES!!! i saw that spoken word video when i was a middle school life group leader. love it so much. our Lord and Savior is RELATIONAL!!! thank you Jesus!!

    happy friday :)


  6. I have a big wallet although I don't have a check register. It usually is easier to find big wallets that have checks than without. So I hold tight to my wallet until I desperately need a new one. It takes months to find the right one. Its worse than finding a new purse.

  7. It is awesome-sauce that you are fostering! I would love to have a big fenced in backyard one day to foster dogs. It breaks my heart when these wonderful beings are put to sleep =( Fingers crossed yours fits right in and becomes part of the fam!

  8. i have a sinking feeling you're going to be joining us in the foster failure club :-) no shame in it.

  9. Definitely check out the policies on the Affordable Health Care site. They have some very competitive rates! Sorry to hear about your loss. And I miss having a dog. Both of my kids are severely allergic. So, it looks like I won't have another dog for another 16 years when they're both 18 and off to college.

  10. If you ever come to Lexington, let me know and we can meet up!!!

    I bet you'll be foster failures and end up keeping the furbaby. He is sooo cute. I wouldn't be able to let him go.

    I have a Hobo International Wallet. It doesn't have the "normal" check holding place, but it is super big and there's a place for it. It's kind of expensive, but I got mine for 50% from ideeli.

  11. I have this wallet and it comes with a checkbook register. IMO, it's too expensive to pay retail, but you can get it at the outlet for much less!


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