Tuesday, October 08, 2013


I have such smart dogs.

When they were younger & little pups, full of energy & sharp teeth, they would get into everything.  One time, we came home from work only to find our couch in our enclosed back porch had been completely 'unstuffed'... the cushions must have done something horrible to provoke the dogs, I'm sure. 

Another time, they must have looked at the ground & it must have aggravated them because we came home to find our HUGE outdoor carpet pulled through the doggie door & outside.  I still for the life of me don't know how they got this huge piece of fabric, that is heavy as all get out, through a tiny door without breaking down the wall.

My dogs are engineering geniuses.

They have mellowed as they have aged, but they still get into trouble. 

Its usually shoes, socks or pants pulled outside through the doggie doors.
Tissues pulled out of the bathroom garbage cans & tore into 1 zillion little pieces down the hall way.
A tug of war with belts that have been laid by the laundry basket.

They're little stinkers.

But the funny thing, when I walk in the door every day, I can tell if I need to keep an eye out for something.  Why?  Because they totally let me know something is wrong.   They hide.  They keep their ears down.  They hang their head.

They know they did something wrong & they don't want to be caught
.... which is my cue to go find out exactly what they did wrong.

I thought of them when I was reading John 3:20 this week

Everyone who does evil hates the light & will not come into the light
for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

Not that pulled out underwear in the yard is "evil", but its what they know not to do...
& they don't want to be caught...

& why am I talking about my dogs & not me?

Because I'm exactly like that verse... I don't want my bad deeds, the things I have messed up on exposed...

who does?

But we all mess up... & we don't want to be caught... we don't want anyone else knowing about the things we've screwed up on.

& we hide... or we try & hide the 'deeds'... cover it up how ever we can.

We can think about the HUGE things, but don't we even try to hide small things we screw up on?  Its human nature.  You never get too old to 'get in trouble'....

Big & small... we don't want our screw ups showing for others...

But the next line

But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light,
so that it may be seen plainly & that what he has done
has been done through God.
~John 3:21

When I read this verse too, something else touched my heart in a different way today.

I know its saying that those in the light do good because they are with God, but don't we even mess up when we are in the light?  Even though I try to do good, & I believe who God is & I try to stay in the light as much as possible,  I still mess up & I still try to hide my mistakes....

But this time I read it & something else spoke to me ....  I don't read it like all your mistakes are the only thing that is seen plainly...

It speaks to me that when others see you in the light, what they also see plainly is GOD... not just you & your mistakes... not the things that we fear of being exposed... but the goodness of God for ALLOWING us to be in the light.

No more hanging out heads
No more hiding
No more fear of being exposed

Its just about being in the place that God is... & others seeing that God takes the things we are afraid of being found out & when we stand in the light next to Him, it just shows the mercy & grace that God pours out...

yeah... I'm not so afraid of standing in the light with Him next to me...

You ready to step into it?

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  1. "when others see you in the light, what they also see plainly is GOD"

    YES. Yes and amen.

    I'm ready to be in the light.


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