Monday, October 07, 2013

What a wash out!!!

My goodness... I don't think it rained this much during the whole year what the heavens dropped in the past 2 days... Noah?  you there?

Here's some thoughts of the weekend

* Kohl's Cash is from the devil!!! .... I thought my Kohl's cash was going to go bad so I ran there after work on Friday.  Wanted to run in & just get a few things to spend the Kohl's cash.  Well, who's laughing because you KNOW you don't walk in for just something quick.  I ended up going to the cash register & spending $75 ONLY to find out my Kohl's cash actually didn't START until Saturday ... & then I got MORE Kohl's Cash... DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I gotta go back again to spend this all... its from the devil, I tell you!

* I had tears at the cash register with the young girl telling me about her Senior Portrait session & the photographer who took their Senior Prom pictures.  Let's just say, it involved a photographer that they later found out took only nude pictures.  She was telling me they should have known something was off when he was making them "ROAR" & make animal noises... WHAT?...

* Good thing about Kohl's?  I found a pair of sunglasses.  Remember my post on Sunny, my lost sunglasses?  These don't compare... but they'll do.  Now, to name these.  I think I'll call them Amber

* Let the heavens open up!  It rained... & rained... & rained.  It was the first time I had to cancel a photo session due to the rain.  I was so messed up not doing pictures... it was the first weekend since the August 1st that I didn't have a camera in my hand.  Weird.

* When it rains, I want to go to my happy place... on my front porch, in my rocker, with my Kindle.  Its my dog's happy place too.

I love fellow bloggers who recommend great books...
this one has me totally enraptured

* Ended up catching up more on Elementary.... I'm pretty sure I've convinced myself I could be a detective. It also makes me notice every little detail about people... & I have always been pretty good about details anyways.

* Drove to pick up dinner for Ricky & I... this was what you call a LAZY Saturday.  I didn't put on make up for the day... & only put on 'real clothes' to go pick up food.

* SLEEPY HOLLOW!  Ricky & I saw it was on On Demand & heard a lot about it... YAZZHAAA - what a good show!!!

* Insomnia?  I couldn't go to sleep for the life of me on Saturday.  I guess staying at home & being lazy doesn't wear you out... so I ended up watching SNL for the first time in eons.  Wanted to catch the Miley Cyrus train wreck... (though I think she did pretty good)... I'll admit here.  I really do like her song "Wrecking Ball"... but nope, I haven't seen the video yet...

* CHURCH.. MAC (Merge After Church) ... FUN!.... the adults played the kids in a game of dodge ball. We were outnumbered... but we still WON... TWICE!! OLD PEOPLE RULE!!!

Jack Scared
how I was breathing after 2 rounds of Dodge Ball

* Mexican... no more... Ricky & I went out to lunch after MAC & hadn't had Mexican in awhile.  Between both of our stomachs aching & acid reflux, we won't be back for awhile.... burp...

* I found a bag of Googly Eyes & bought them... I keep seeing where people put them on the most hilarious things... no telling where you'll find mine showing up

* Knit weekend... with no pictures, I've tried to knit some.  My bicep tendonitis is my nemesis now.  You should see me.  I wrap my arm up, prop myself side ways on a couch so I press my arm into it to brace it & then try not to move my right hand that much... & it STILL hurts my arm... but I still knitted... (I'll pay for it today at work)

*Revenge... How can Emily take down a Priest who is about forgiveness?  That one was tough to watch.

Hope everyone had a great, DRY weekend with no arm pain :)


  1. But she felt bad afterwards. I wonder how she is going to correct it now.

  2. I've been staying away from the Kohl's cash. It seems like everytime I go I end up having to add something to get the cash and then I have to go use them and spend more!!!! I tape SNL every week but set it so it wouldn't tape her....I've had enough!

  3. Love the new shades! I've been thinking about dragging Mike to a local Mexican place, but I think now I won't :)

  4. I thought the parody they did of Wrecking Ball on SNL was hilarious. I didn't necessarily agree with the politics that they portrayed, but still found it funny


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