Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Why my mom is cooler then yours....

Today is a fun day... its my momma's birthday...

So I thought I'd make a little list of reasons why my mom is cooler then yours... & I know you think your mom is cooler ... but after you read the list, you may be jealous & you may want to adopt my mom as another-mom for your family... I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

I can hear my mom now, GET THAT PICTURE OFF... she hates having her picture taken...
Its my blog mom... & its your birthday... so HA!!! My birthday gift is to torture you

* She will play a game at anytime of the day... My mom is all about games.  Board games, card games, drinking games... as long as the drink involves Tab... let's keep that straight

* She is probably in the last 0.05% of the population who drinks Tab... it makes up about 92% of her blood supply

* She can pull off a blue wig better then your mother... guaranteed...

Proof... BAM... drop the mic...

* She taught me that when I don't like breakfast food, spaghetti or grilled cheese is always a good choice.

* She would get McDonald Happy Meals & come sneak them to my dog just because she wants her grand-dog to be happy

* She taught me a cold wash rag always makes you feel better

* She meets all my friends & instantly makes them feel at home & comfortable... its true.  All my friends always just wanted to hang out with my mom because she would 1. make them laugh all night & 2. play games until we dropped

My mom trying to convince Chasity why a Wizard of Oz wedding would be the best idea EVER!

* Back in the day when Wizard of Oz was shown on TV only once a year, she considered it a National Holiday, which we would have to respect properly.  By being home to sit in front of the TV & watch it all together... singing to the songs when required.

* I get phone calls when Hocus Pocus is on TV & told to turn it on & watch

* She taught me how to stand on a chair & ROCK OUT at my first Christian Rock Concert.  (For the record, it was Mylon LeFevre... I'm just anxious to see if anyone even knows who they are... )

* She taught me when I'm bored in church, to color in the "O's" in the bulletin... I still to this day will do that

* She taught me that the color of Blue can be used in anything & everything & there are actually 1,589 different shades of blues... that all should be used as much as possible.

She's especially happy when she had a blue-eyed grandbaby

* She's the one who passed down to me the love of Zero candy bars... & Andes chocolate mints....

* She's Italian... nothing more needs to be said about that...

* She taught me that cleaning the house is always easier to do when you have music blaring ...especially if its worship music or Dolly Parton

* Why she's the COOLEST MOM today?? Her Birthday is on the same day that Steven Curtis Chapman releases his new CD!!! .... I think he knew what today was & planned that especially for MY mom... I have no doubts...

Yeah... my mom is cool for so many reasons... & I could put in there its because she has amazing children... but I won't...

So let's wish a big Happy Birthday to my awesome momma!!!! 


  1. love this!! Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Rebecca Jo's Mom!! (Great post)

  3. What a nice post about your mom--my mom never liked her picture taken either and also loved playing games. Happy birthday to your mom--you are so blessed to still have her around! I miss mine so much.

  4. I just love that picture of the two of you! She sounds like the most wonderful lady ever! You are blessed!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! Hope she had a wonderful day. My mother in law is in the 0.05% of TAB drinkers.

  6. I'm late, but happy happy birthday Rebecca Jo's momma. You raised an AWESOME daughter!!!

    This is a GREAT post RJ. Your momma looks so fun.

  7. you have a fantastic mom - and you look great in that pic!!

  8. I remember meeting your momma! And yes, she was sweet as pie to me!!! Happy Birthday to her! PS...I think the #1 thing that might rank her as the coolest mom around is having a daughter that thinks so ;)


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