Friday, April 04, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
I think all the elements are just determined to hit us.
First we've had an awful winter - lots of snow & ice
... now, waters are rapid around these parts...
& this was yesterday about 5... before ANOTHER
storm came in & added more water, more mud slides, more gravel pouring into the streets... its ridiculous.
Schools are even on a delay.
I'm afraid what's next.
I am shooting a wedding tomorrow
... an OUTDOOR wedding!!!...
so we're praying for a major SOAK UP of the water
They have a pond in their yard that is right behind the tent they're getting married in
... when we left last night, it was about 1 foot from creeping up to the tent.
Me thinks the tent is full of water this morning.
This is gonna be interesting
How funny... as soon as I typed this, a friend on Facebook put up this picture..
I didn't know she lived next door to the wedding party
... but yeah, there's the pond ... & there's the tent.
All this rain?
I have to hook Harvey up.
He's been a good boy lately & been getting freedom when we leave
(not the run of the WHOLE house, but at least not tied up & he can come in & out)
... not when it rains...
freedom is KAPUT
Because that little furry boy LOVES rain & LOVESSSS mud even more
My kitchen floor will never be the same
So today, he got hooked up so he can't run in 2 inches of mud.
I think I made the right decision
Speaking of dogs... I'm so heartbroken.
Our neighbors dog is missing.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog...
& he reminds us so much of our Buffy.
It was always helpful to love on him & rub those lab ears when we missed Buffy after she passed away...
Photo: Tonight as I go to bed I pray that our sweet boy Ernie will find his way back home. We spent about 4 hours tonight driving up and down the roads calling his name. If you have seen him please let me know, we really miss him.
Now, he hasn't been home the past few days to eat.
The neighbors were looking for him & the search came up empty handed.
I feel like we've lost Buffy all over again.
I went for my annual exam this week & she sent me to have my Vitamin D tested
... they called & said I was "Extremely, EX-TRE-ME-LY low on Vitamin D"
& I'm supposed to like take quadruple the amount a normal person is supposed to take for a month
... my stomach doesn't do well with lots of meds or vitamins...
I think I just need to go on vacation & do nothing but soak up natural Vitamin D
The Following
That show freaks me out
... & now that they're taking it to a religious cult sort of thing...
its making me feel uncomfortable
But yeahhhh - Claire!!!!!
So I guess I was the only person on the face of the planet that watched
 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
last night was the last one.....& I loved how they ended it.
A perfectly good Happily Ever After
I read The Knave is going to be popping up on the original Once Upon a Time
... yes!...
So we have to wait till October for The Walking Dead to come back??
SO messed up.
It was such a slow season & then it FINALLY gets action & gets good
... & now we wait...
Who do you think the people from Terminus really are?
The Walking Dead Season 4
Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday!!!
& that you don't float away... at least if you're in this area!


  1. Poor Harvey...locked up because of the mud. But probably the best decision. haha

    Little Lucy hates to go out in the rain. She wants nothing to do with it. Little Prissy thing.

  2. My hubby has to take huge, huge amounts of vitamin D because he's deficient as well. I'm taking equal amounts (along with calcium) but because of my osteopenia.

  3. Our pup is LOVING the mud in the backyard right now. We have a "paw towel" on the back door to remember to wipe off her paws!

    And don't sweat it about the Vitamin D. I, too, was tested about 2 years ago and it was rock bottom low (as in single digits...YIKES!). I was put on 50,000 units 3 days a week for 3 MONTHS. I was worried about the pill, too, as I have a very sensitive stomach. It was actually normal sized and I always took it with a meal, so I was fine.

  4. Let us hope the wedding shots are sunny and dry. Finding natural vitamin D would definitely require a vacation.

  5. Ugh, come on crappy weather, leave already! So sad about their dog missing, I can't even imagine. Hope the find the dog soon :(

  6. Oh, my! I hope the water recedes A LOT by tomorrow!!!

    You are so right, nothing is friendlier than a wet dog :)

    Good luck with your mega doses of Vitamin D.

  7. Sorry about that crazy weather. Hope that parents are warning their kids to stay away from the running water. So sorry about your neighbors dog, breaks my heart.

  8. Dude... I KNEW it about Claire! I called it during the very first episode of the season!!!! :D

  9. Yikes! Hope the wedding turns out ok tomorrow! And you definitely need to get away to the beach so you can lay in the sun all day. I'm completely supportive of this idea & think I'll join you for moral support. :)

  10. I JUST watched the last Once upon a time in wonderland while I was folding laundry today!! it the last one forever?

    An outdoor wedding in April?! I am getting anxiety just thinking about it! Oh, I hope the floods hold back for them - but really, outdoors in April?! Yikes!

  11. Good luck with the wedding tomorrow! And I so hope that your neighbors find their dog.

  12. You KNOW what Terminus is all about... and it's no good. Daryl and Rick and Glenn are going to team up and kick some butt. I'm just wondering who's not going to make it....

    I'm caught up on Downton Abbey, so now I need a new series that I can watch on my Kindle! Any suggestions? Maybe Game of Thrones?

  13. Maybe you could take a photo of them in a little boat?!

    I suspect you won't be the only person lacking Vitamin D this season!

    Lab ears are something special. I really hope your neighbor's dog is okay!

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

  14. goodness y'all got some rain...send some our way. hope it cleared up for the wedding. and now i'm very curious about this claire business you speak of. we're really behind on recorded episodes and frankly i was getting a little bored. this could be a game changer though.

  15. I hope your neighbors find their dog! We got a lot of rain here this weekend and our yard is looking rather swampish now. And I can't stand waiting for new shows. I always feel like everyone I'm watching ends at the same time. I think the people at Terminus are cannibals. Did you see all those bones???


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