Thursday, April 03, 2014


Thankful Thursday with some awesome ladies!!! Yahooo
03.27.14 - Fuzzy Socks & Warm Blankets
Yeah - its Spring... that still feels like winter
... some days...
& this was one of them.
Cold night... I love fuzzy socks & warm blankets on exactly those nights
03.28.14 - A Cleaning Hubs!!!
No... I don't believe Hell froze over...
but I'm not sure WHAT inspired this.
Maybe that you couldn't hardly see out of the windows?
Anyways, the hubs took the paper towel & cleaner & got the ladder & cleaned away.
See?  If you wait long enough, they'll break!
Now I'm waiting to see how long it takes before he does the other windows :)
(Take note of the window in the picture above... that's where the dogs look out so that window is full of dog licks & nose prints)
UK beat UL Friday night...
you can't understand how that makes my life so much easier
03.29.14 My tablet with Netflix
It takes that kind of distraction to keep me on the treadmill for over 2 & a half hours.
I can't believe it took me this long to think to bring my tablet down & put it on my treadmill.  I usually am stuck with watching infomercials which bores me to death...
with this now?  I may end up being a pro runner...
...yeah.. I just laughed at that thought too...
I'll stick with being a slow turtle runner
03.30.14 - Running shoes from the Hubs
Gotta love a man who gets you shoes...
gotta love a man who gets you RUNNING shoes!!!
03.31.14 First day for Flip Flops!!!
Its been so up & down, I haven't been able to break out my flip flops
... but today was the day..
a day in the 70's
I didn't even plan on it - didn't have my toe nails painted
& I didn't even care
A maxi skirt & flip flops?  Every day please.
04.01.14 - Taxes DONE
We're usually pretty good at getting taxes done by late January but this year?
We've been slugs about getting them done.
I got them wrapped up & finished ... & then thought it's appropriate that I'm thankful for this on April's Fool's Day.
04.02.14 - Signs of Spring
We're going to be in the 50's again this weekend,
but Spring is fighting to burst through.
With just a few days in the 70's this week, its been like night & day.
Seriously - I went out at lunch Monday & saw 1 tree with buds on it
... after 2 days of higher temps?  The whole road by my work has every tree with buds on them.
& this is at my house
Flowers trying so hard to force winter to just leave
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. They want spring as bad as we do, so they must work extra hard to grow when they get a warm day. :)

  2. The tulips have bloomed at work and all the bradford pear trees went boom into bloom then leaf in two days.

  3. Again, I am thankful for a friend that inspires me to be a better person.That be you Miss Rebecca!!. I have lived in warm fuzzy socks and blankets this winter.Isn't that the way winter is supposed to be? That is how I remember it as a kid. Lots of snow days off from school to play in,build forts and have snowball fights? The cold never bothered us. We were dressed in so many layers we could barely put our arms down. Like Randy in "The Christmas Story. Randy fell down and "lay there like a slug" when the snowballs flew from others and he couldn't fight back." It was his only excuse."Sorry I like winter.I am thankful for it. Good for the "Hubs", shoes AND window cleaning!! Woot Woot. Give him an extra hug, he deserves it. Love those puppies even though they are messy. Have a blessed week.See ya soon.<3.

  4. If I could watch Frozen on the treadmill, I'd run all day!

  5. Didn't have to wear a coat for the second time in a week yesterday!!! SO exciting! Can't wait to start busting out the maxi skirts and flip flops!

  6. you could stay that long on a treadmill is nothing short of a miracle! If I go too long, I feel like a hamster in a cage! Love those snazzy running shoes! Didn't you just get a new pair?

  7. It warmed up today but not quite enough to wear flip flops-- I cannot wait for that day though! And ahh I definitely need a movie or book distraction on the treadmill! Makes such a difference!

  8. hello from the link up! Don't you just love this warmer weather?? FLip flop season is the best:)

  9. Uh, my windows are a disaster. That's one of those things I leave for my MIL when she visits. She loves doing them! 2 1/2 hours on the treadmill....I cannot imagine! 30 min on the elliptical is a sheer miracle for me! I'm going to bring my iPad along next time, though. Maybe that'll be the answer for me, too.

  10. I'm still wearing my fuzzy socks and using my big blankets! Spring where are you?! I can't wait to break out my flip flops again! My toes are all painted and ready to go :)

  11. Yahoo for new running shoes! You're a lucky gal ;)

  12. Holy cow! You stay on the treadmill for 2 hours? I wish I had the motivation to just get on for 30 minutes. And your hubs rocks for cleaning the windows. We've been in our house for almost 4 years and I've never cleaned the windows. Is that bad???

  13. Not warm enough here for flip flops yet. Finally saw a few daffodils here ... things here seem to be slow this spring. I want to watch Frozen again!


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